SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office (AO) offers flexibility to swap between connections for an existing AO workbook.

The user may have the need to replace the system in cases where the data availability on the current system is meagre while an alternative system has good amount of data to perform analysis.

On the Components tab in Design Panel, you will be able to manage the system connections at workbook level. You can log off from all the systems that the workbook is connected to, reconnect to the systems or replace a system with another.

Procedure to Replace the system:

1. Logging off from a system:

Firstly, you will have to log off from the system to which the workbook is currently connected.

To disconnect a workbook from the server (BW or HANA), perform the following step.

Go to Display Panel -> Components Tab -> Right Click on Workbook name -> Log Off

Replace a System in an Analysis for Office Workbook

The connections to all systems in the workbook will be logged off and the design panel will be closed automatically.

2. Replacing the system:

Once you log out, the Replace System option gets enabled on the context menu.

Replace a System in an Analysis for Office Workbook

On choosing the Replace system option, you will be able to choose the system from which you need to connect to.

Replace a System in an Analysis for Office Workbook

In the Replace System dialog box, you can select the system that you want replaced (Current System) and the system that you want the current system to be replaced with (Replace by System).

3. Replacing with a BO Connection

If you need the current connection to be replaced by one of the connections that are available in the BO system (BICS, HANA), you may have to logon to the respective BO system by clicking on the BO Connection icon and login to it, using the system credentials, as shown below.

Replace a System in an Analysis for Office Workbook

Once you have logged on to the system, the connections available in the BO System will appear at the tail-end of Replace by system dropdown list.

Replace a System in an Analysis for Office Workbook

For the reports that use BO Connections as a source, a BO session will already be in place and the “Logging onto BO” step can be ignored, unless the user wants to connect to a different BO System altogether.


For reports built on SAP HANA or SAP BW, the source of data can be easily replaced with a local connection (configured locally in SAP logon) or a connection available on the BO system.

This feature available on Analysis for Office decreases the effort by letting you connect to same datasources available on different systems without having to rebuild the report.

In most business landscapes, the data available in the Development system would be limited and may not be sufficient enough to verify and validate few business logics used in the report. This is the when the user may face the need to quickly repoint to a system with better data (Quality or Production systems). In such cases, the “Replace System” feature comes in handy.

However, this feature should be done only when all the data sources in the workbook are available on both the systems.

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