In the earlier blog, we discussed about  The importance of Reference Lines and Bands along with some Use cases.

Taking those use cases as an example let’s look at implementing one using Visual BI extensions (VBX)

Implementing Reference Line in a chart


Reference Lines, Plot Lines, Static reference line,Lumira Designer, Lumira 2.0

In this blog, we will be look at implementing both Static as well as a Dynamic Reference Line


Static Reference Line

To create a Reference Line in SAP Lumira Designer using Visual BI extensions (VBX), navigate to the additional property sheet and select Y Axis Tab from the Menu option.

Visual Bi extension (VBX)


Scroll down to Plot Line properties and set the properties as follows:

  • Tick the checkbox to enable the Plot line
  • Enter the desired value (450,000 in the example below)
  • Set the color of the line (yellow in the example below)
  • Set the line properties – width and line style (width= 2 and line style = dash as seen below)

Visual Bi extension (VBX) property


Further, we need to provide a label for the plot line

  • Tick the checkbox to enable the Plot line label
  • Set the label text according to your requirement (Sales Target = 450k in my example below)
  • Set the horizontal and vertical alignment of the label (Alignment= left and Label text alignment = center)
  • For additional flexibility and proper placement of the label you can also use the offset property (X offset = 60, Y offset= -10)
  • Set the font properties as desired (color = yellow, Font size= bold and font size=13)

Visual Bi extensions (VBX)


Voila! VBX Column chart with Reference line (a.k.a Plot Line) is ready

Reference Lines, Plot Lines, Static reference line,Lumira Designer, Lumira 2.0

Dynamic Reference lines

As seen above, one can easily visualize Sales Reps who haven’t met their target. But what if we wanted to look at Sales by product lines having different Sales Targets?

This could be achieved using Visual BI extensions robust API Library.

DSXSetYAxisPlotLineValue(VALUE) – Set the Value of the Reference Line

With the help of the API you could set the value of the reference line, such that the Sales Target gets updated dynamically according to the selected Product.

Visual BI extension (VBX)

Dynamic Reference Line using Visual BI extension (VBX) property sheet


Reference Lines in other charts

Reference lines are not only limited to Bar / Column charts. Following are a few examples showcasing reference lines in other charts.

Line Chart
Reference Line in SAP Lumira Designer

Quality Control chart with Upper and Lower Control limits using Reference Lines


Bubble Chart

Scatterplot using reference lines in SAP Lumira Designer

Reference lines – Segmenting data into different quadrants for easier analysis


Similarly using Visual BI extensions, we can also create reference bands to highlight values lying under a certain range

Implementing Reference Bands having fixed limits in SAP Lumira Designer

Implementing Reference Bands having variable limits in SAP Lumira Designer

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