Having seen SAP Lumira Discovery applications, many of our customers wanted to customize their SAP Lumira Designer charts with some amount of self-service functionalities especially around the context menu with features like swapping axis with some other dimension, changing chart properties or exporting them for reporting needs.

We at Visual BI have now added the context menu to our charts using the Visual BI Extensions to enable features similar to SAP Lumira Discovery context menus.

Just like the SAP Lumira Discovery charts, the VBX chart’s Context Menu provides end users more runtime flexibility to analyze the data better and derive insights by allowing users to alter chart properties.

Custom Select Context Menu options

As part of our Visual BI Extensions(VBX) property sheet for chart, we offer users the flexibility to select the different context menu options they would like to see during runtime. You can also choose the type of navigation to enable the context menu on the mobile devices.
SAP Lumira Designer - Context Menu property sheet using Visual Bi extensions

Context Menu Options

The following are the different options provided by the Context Menu

  • Data View – Tabular view of the chart data
  • Sorting – Sorting based on both dimensions and measures
  • Ranking – Ability to rank the data – Top5, Top 10, Top N, Bottom 5, Bottom 10, Bottom N
  • Conditional Formatting – Ability to enable and disable different conditional formatting rules for charts.
  • Swap with another dimension – Ability to swap dimensions on the fly
  • Dimension Display – Flexibility to set the dimension display type to Key, Text, Key & Text and Text & Key
  • Measure Select – Ability to show hide different measures
  • Show/ Hide different chart properties – Ability to show/ hide chart properties like Title, Sub Title, Data Label, Tooltip and Axis Title
  • Show/ Hide Totals and Sub Totals
  • Select / deselect the properties
  • Lasso/ Zoom
  • Maximize and Minimize the Chart

Go ahead and give it a spin to see if you can empower your users with some elements of self service on their dashboards.

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