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This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery Series of blogs.

SAP released Lumira 2.2 in August 2018 for all three components: Discovery, Designer and Server. The focus has been on the following key enhancements apart from break fixes.

5 Key New Features in Lumira 2.2- Discovery Edition

Note : This is in addition to features of Lumira Discovery 2.0 & 2.1


The following are 5 main features which have been introduced in the latest version:

  • Improved Filters and Linked Analysis

  1. Filter propagation for linked dimensions
  2. Improved filter on measure
  3. Pass “all dimensions” as context from source to target visualizations
  4. Totals supported in crosstab in case of calculated measures and blended visualizations
  • Improved Number Formatting and Language Support

  1. Improved language support for discovery based on SAP BW as source
  2. Language support in Open document links
  3. Improved number formatting
  4. Scheduling enhancements for languages
  • Presentation Improvements for SAP BW Import

  1. Supporting different presentation for characteristics like Text/Short Text/Medium Text/Long Text and Key & Text
  2. Support for manual entry for dates in BW variables in SAP BW import and live workflows
  • Improved Stability and Performance

  1. HANA live workflows
  2. Filter and Drill operation workflows
  3. Data manipulation actions
  4. Switching between pages within a story
  5. Crosstab scroll operations
  • Other Enhancements

  1. Export to PDF Improvements
  2. Scheduling Improvements in Server
  3. Improved interoperability with Lumira Designer

SAP will be focusing on support and maintenance of Discovery moving forward and Designer would be further enhanced as an Enterprise solution. Here is a quick snippet of the same,

5 Key New Features in Lumira 2.2- Discovery Edition

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