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Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry

Jun 29, 2020


Visual BI’s Solution for Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry delivers rapid go-to-market solution leveraging Analytics Designer module of SAP Analytics Cloud. A major highlight of this solution is that it includes a custom widget called Week Selector, developed by Visual BI which can be utilized across other Analytic Applications as well.

Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry


The Production dashboard has three sections – Operations, Quality & Maintenance and Material Management. The default view comprises of a summary of all major KPIs. There is an option to filter for Region, Plant and Production Line. Week Selection (custom widget) option is available, to select a particular week, in addition to bookmarking and PDF export.

Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry

Technical Architecture

The architecture is simple with just one model that powers the entire Analytic Application. The model brings data from three different modules. You will be able to easily remap the dimensions and measures in this acquired model to data from any real-time data source, without affecting the Application as such. If the model needs to be based on a Live connection, then the Analytic Application visualizations and script have to be reconfigured.

Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry

Custom Widget- Week Selector

Week Selector is a custom widget developed based on custom SDK for Analytics Designer. You will be able to change between years and select the week. By default, the current week is selected. When you hover over the week number, you can see the date range at the bottom. There are scripting APIs to get and set selected week number and year along with an API that returns the date range. The Styling panel of the widget gives the flexibility to configure additional options such as font-size, color, etc.

Production Analytics for Food and Processing Industry

Plug and Play Functionality

The solution is compatible with Acquired and Live connections. You will be able to remap and easily customize visualizations using Builder and Styling panels like Story. The model allows you to dynamically add or remove key figures according to the need. Remapping dimensions in the model can also be done with minimal effort. The current set up uses an acquired model. If this has to be changed to a live model, then a new model needs to be created and the application and scripting need to be changed accordingly. Apart from remapping the existing model with new data, import schedules can be created for data loads.

The solution is available in SAP App Center –


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