This is the first Episode of the BI Story Series based on the theme- ‘Using SAP BI technologies to analyze the performance of the entire organization’

Boardroom Meeting

It is Jan 2017 and Stephanie is dreading the “2016 Q3-Q4 performance meeting” scheduled to happen the next day. She is the VP of Sales and Marketing and her last meeting was a nightmare because she couldn’t present a consolidated view of marketing, sales and receivables in the boardroom. During last meeting, she had to jump from one report to another and to the in-famous excel file, which enraged the CEO because only last quarter the company has invested in BI technologies and he still couldn’t see a 360-degree view of his company’s performance. This is a major challenge for Stephanie and her CEO too!

Around noon, Stephanie received a call from Nate who manages the SAP BI team with the message that Stephanie can use the solution deployed by Visual BI in the next day board room meeting. They both agreed to meet in the company’s cafeteria for lunch and discuss the insights.

A Solution for the Boardroom

When Stephanie met Nate in the cafeteria she noticed that Nate was very excited about this new BI solution deployed by Visual BI, which illustrates the performance of the entire organization. As Stephanie and Nate were munching their sandwiches, Nate opened his laptop and showed amazing insights on Lead acquisition and closing status, Sales performance and Accounts Receivables performance of the organization. Nate also highlighted that this solution was deployed by Visual BI in SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) and the company didn’t have to install a single piece of hardware. The moment she saw that, Stephanie realized that the next day’s board meeting will be lot easier than the previous one. So, what did they see and discuss? Before we get to that point, let us understand a bit about SAP BOC* digital board room.

What is SAP BOC* Digital Boardroom?

What is SAP BOC* digital board room? It is a next generation board portal that leverages data from various technologies such as BW, S4/HANA and provides a single source of truth to the company. It has plethora of features but two that stand out are: (a) It is a Cloud based solutions that runs on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud* so there is nothing to install and maintain. (b) It transforms the one-way static PowerPoint board room presentation to a dynamic, live dashboard.

CRM to Accounts Receivables – An End-to-End Analysis by Visual BI

Marketing to Sales to Cash is a vital process in every organization. It involves nurturing leads, ensuring that leads transition to quotes and then to sales without staying too much in the funnel, delivering the product/service on time and finally, collecting the cash from customers. Built on top of SAP BOC*, Visual BI provides end-to-end BI solutions with actionable insights in all of these processes, enabling stakeholders to take necessary actions.

Back from lunch, Stephanie launches the SAP BOC* digital board room developed by Visual BI titled CRM to AR – End to End Analysis. In the Overview page, Stephanie was able to analyze Lead to Opportunity to Quote to Sales ratios, visualize a 6-month trend of Lead to Sales conversions, leads that were opened and closed in Q3 2016.

SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom - 1

Stephanie notices that in Q3 2016, 60.8% of the Leads are converted to Opportunities, 45.6% of Opportunities are converted to Quotes but only 5.3% quotes are converted to Orders. While that raises an alarm, Stephanie clicks on the tile to view the trend chart and a list of customers. A quick glance on the trend chart shows that this has been the trend for the last 6 quarters and Stephanie decides to check with her team. Intrigued further by the 5.3% closure, Stephanie’s attention moves to the table on the right, especially to the Top 2 customers of the quarter. The biggest sale that has happened is $3.11M and the customer is Enim Corp.

SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom - 2

Stephanie decides to take her analysis to the next level and clicks on the 2nd level of the digital board room which shows that in the last two quarters of 2016, Enim Corp has made $6.694M worth business with the organization. Knowing that her boss and Head of financials will be more interested to know if the customer really paid, she switches to presenter mode of the digital board room, and invites John the Head of Financials, adding an annotation right on the table, requesting him to check Enim Corp’s receivable.

SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom - 3

Accepting the invite, John and Stephanie collaboratively analyze the receivables of Enim Corp for the entire year 2016 and visualize that Enim Corp actually owes $7.54M to the company and the payment schedule as shown in the table, with the biggest payment of $3.11M due in the next 8-15 days.

SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom - 4

Having analyzed the performance of her department and collaborating with John to get an idea about the receivables too, Stephanie felt optimistic about attending the following day’s board room meeting.

The digital boardroom solution, developed by Visual BI using SAP BOC* technology thus acts as a single source of truth of enterprise performance and enables LOB heads such as Stephanie, John to analyze performance of departments such as Marketing, Sales, Financials etc., seamlessly and in a collaborative way.

Stay tuned for future episodes..

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*Note: As of 12/06/2017, SAP BusinessObjects Cloud has been renamed as SAP Analytics Cloud.

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