Visual BI’s Digital Boardroom Solution for HR Management delivers general assessment metrics regardless of industry to track HR effectiveness and make decisions more accurate and timelier. The solution leverages Digital Boardroom along with planning capabilities which can be utilized for recruitment budgeting.

SAP Digital Boardroom for HR Management and Planning


The solution provides you with capabilities to analyze various metrics related to Human Resource in three sections. Input controls are enabled throughout the Story so as the user can slice and dice the data to get deeper insights.

Workforce Analytics: KPI’s that show information and evidence about the functioning of the entire system like Employee Turnover Ratio, Avg Tenure of Employees left, Headcount & Turnover Trend, etc.

Hiring Insights: A view that provides summarized details to keep track of hiring and recruitment that helps in optimizing the process.

Planning: Recruitment budgeting is achieved using native planning capabilities in SAC that helps to estimate budget contingency to cover expected turnover and unexpected vacancies by time and department.

SAP Digital Boardroom for HR Management and Planning

Features and Highlights

The solution is developed using the responsive feature of SAP Analytics Cloud giving options to view the dashboard in mobile devices. You can bring your own data (BYOD) and leverage existing models and stories to deliver an engaging SAP Digital Boardroom solution for executives. The KPIs can be customized according to need in addition to visualizations to suit your enterprise needs. The solution leverages SAP Digital Boardroom and Planning capabilities for maximum impact and performance. The model can be configured to include any data source that is supported by SAC ranging from Excel, SAP BW, SAP HANA to any other cloud or on-premise data source. Planning capabilities are enhanced by leveraging Data Action Trigger for Automation of certain tasks.

Technical Architecture

The solution has sample data ranging across different regions and departments containing 45+ measures in a single planning model. The sample data is acquired from a local Excel file. However, the model can be mapped to the different data source without disruptions to the Story and Data loading schedules can keep the Story up to date. In case, if you need to connect Live data, then a new Live model needs to be created and the Story would need to be remapped. In addition, certain live data sources still do not support planning.

SAP Digital Boardroom for HR Management and Planning

The Solution is available in SAP App Center –!overview

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