With the world going crazy with Smartphones, even business tools are made available for mobile users. It is much easier if the end-users are able to access the stories and dashboards in a single click on their mobile to get an instant look at their business and the daily progress. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) has also gone mobile to provide this feature to business users.

SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application is only available for iOS i.e., iPhones and iPads currently. It requires an iOS version of 11.0 or later and mobile device of 2 GB RAM or more (iPhone 6s or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Pro). SSO login is available for the users and users can also enable their touch or face id to login to the app. Only Stories and digital boardrooms can be accessed from mobile devices for now. Analytic Application cannot be accessed from the mobile devices as Analytic Application has a default layout of Canvas which does not support responsive behavior. Mobile support for Android devices is expected to be launched soon.

Responsive Layout & Usage

SAP Analytics Cloud allows the usage of stories in mobile apps by providing the feature of using Responsive Page. SAP Analytics Cloud has configured the screen size for various devices and the charts are aligned based on the resolution of the screen. While creating a story with a responsive page, initially two lanes will be present. You can add up to 6 lanes in a single row and up to 10 lanes in a column. Each lane occupies space of 6 grid space. These lanes will control the arrangement of the components on various devices i.e., components within a lane will stay together. The lanes are displayed sequentially where the widgets are displayed from left to right and top to bottom. The Responsive Layout auto adjusts the width and height of the component based on the tile size is proportionate to the screen size. Overlapping the widgets is not allowed.

A simple dashboard with 4 lanes and 7 tiles is displayed below. The numbering indicates the order in which the tiles get aligned when previewed on different devices.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Creating Stories for Mobile Devices
  • For small devices like mobile phones, single tile occupies the whole screen and the components within the lane stay together one below the other.
  • For medium devices, maximum of three lanes can occupy the entire screen. If a lane occupies more than 50% of screen size, it either shares the screen space with the next lane (if it is smaller in size) or the lane occupies the entire screen.
  • For large devices, up to 6 lanes can be occupied. The components adjust itself based on the screen size.

You can enable or disable a tile to be displayed in mobile devices. If the tile is disabled for mobile, it will not be shown on mobile devices and its space will be occupied by the next component. The stories in mobile can only be viewed in portrait mode for iPhones and landscape mode for iPads. The application does not rotate orientation.

Device Preview Options

You can preview how the story is displayed on various devices using the Device Preview option. Three types of devices are present – Web for large devices, Phone for small devices and Tablet for medium devices. Under each device, you can choose the device size to preview the story in that device. The font size of each component can be customized for each tile and each device.

Below the font size is adjusted for the chart specifically to Small Phone.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Creating Stories for Mobile Devices

Large Device in Preview

SAP Analytics Cloud – Creating Stories for Mobile Devices

Medium Device in Preview

SAP Analytics Cloud – Creating Stories for Mobile Devices

Small Device / Mobile in Preview

SAP Analytics Cloud – Creating Stories for Mobile Devices

Supported components comparison – Desktop vs Mobile

SAC ComponentsMobile App support
TableLimited support
Filters and Input ControlsLimited support
R VisualizationNo
TextLimited support
Geo mapsLimited support
HyperlinksLimited support
Dynamic page and story filtersLimited support
Top N optionsLimited support
BookmarksLimited support

Refer this link for a detailed list of supported features provided by SAP.

Current Limitations

Some features that are not supported for mobile devices are Multi-line chart titles, Smart Insights, footers, dynamic images and certain dynamic texts.

Overall, you can use the Mobile Application features of SAP Analytics Cloud to your own scenarios and as the product matures, we are expecting a lot more updated features from SAP.

Click here to evaluate if SAP Analytics Cloud is right for you. To know about the Analytic Applications of SAP Analytics Cloud, please check out our blog series here.

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