In this blog, we will see some of the interesting features that the SAP Analytics Cloud table component has to offer in Story/ Application and the ways to leverage its power.


When it comes to making the most of your business, setting your data right really matters. This not only translates to having the right data but also creating meaningful visualization. Thanks to modern BI, dashboarding has made its way into mainstream decision making as opposed to endless reports and contextless numbers.

Though charts consume the major chunk of your BI diet, the need for tables on your plate is sometimes irrefutable. Unlike charts that show trends, patterns or a bird-eye view of the data, tables present data close to its raw form, letting you dig deeper into the numbers to examine and analyse.

With SAP Analytics Cloud table component, you can add your own flavours and cater to your data needs with much ease. This blog explains the top features and analyzes business case studies that showcase the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud table component.

The Panacea

It’s vital to make sense of your data in this data-rich and noisy world. With SAP Analytics Cloud under the hood, featuring sort, rank, linked analysis, hierarchies and whatnot, you can get to the crux of what matters. And that’s not the end of it! Unlike Excel, you can dazzle users with impressive and customized UI, making their life easier and easy on the eye too. SAP Analytics Cloud gets this done with properties like freeze row/ column, fonts, commenting, export options, styling and other customizations.

Numbers that speak

Our digital era is being flooded with data from our phones, homes, office – virtually everything. Biologically, our brains are hard-wired to process images. And thus, it gets messy to make decisions out of this humongous amount of data. Used well, formatting data using visuals can bring patterns out of apparent randomness. Analytics Cloud table lets you transform your numbers to stunning In-cell Charts as Bar/ Column, Variance Pin and Variance Bar. And if that’s not enough, you are given the luxury of creating your own customizations using conditional formatting and thresholds.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Leveraging Table Features
Aesthetics made better with Conditional formatting and In-cell charts options

Insights on-the-fly

Imagine visiting the ice cream parlour and treating yourself to ice cream. Rather than choosing a flavour or two, it would be great if you can create your own special flavour. Now, how about doing the same with your table calculations. That too, with a single click and on-the-fly! Analytics Cloud lets you leverage Moving Averages, Rank Number, Sum and many more. Hang on! You can also manipulate data just as excel does – formula bar, pull-handle functionality and so on.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Leveraging Table Features
Save your time by calculating on-the-fly

X-Ray Vision

Unless you are Superman, you wish you had the superpower to see through walls. Most analysts long for the same in a BI tool. Analytics Cloud allows you to exploit data having the X-Ray vision glasses on. Smart Insights in the Analytics Cloud table component allows you to see through data and derive decisions without having to invest a lot of time. Another add-on is the Explore feature that enables you to slice and dice seamlessly.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Leveraging Table Features
Venture the possibilities and go beyond with the Explore feature

SAP Analytics Cloud – Leveraging Table Features
Venture the possibilities and go beyond with the Explore feature

Back to the Future

Dive in for a ride to the future! Who wouldn’t be excited to glimpse at what the future holds? Foreseeing the future gets less of fantasy with SAP Analytics Cloud as your crystal ball. Manoeuvring the proprietary machine learning algorithms housed within SAP Analytics Cloud, it is now possible to predict your business trends, finances, stocks and much more with just the table component. Compound these Predictive capabilities with Planning and capabilities to write-back to pre-existing planning systems and Voila! You have all you need to become a data-driven enterprise.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Leveraging Table Features
See the unseen with the Predictive capabilities

Want to make the most of SAP Analytics Cloud? Click here to evaluate if SAP Analytics Cloud is right for you. To know about the Analytic Applications of SAP Analytics Cloud, please check out our blog series here.

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