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There seems to be a lot of content on SAP Analytics Cloud online – including materials & videos published by SAP. Often, you end up bumping into content that is slightly outdated, especially when there is an enhancement/upgrade released every few weeks.

We hope the following resources will help you get started quickly and stay organized. You can also bookmark this page, for we’ll keep this page updated periodically.

1. SAP Analytics Cloud Help: Published by SAP, this is one of the most reliable sources and one of the first to get updated. We often found the video tutorials to be more helpful than the written instructions, especially for advanced topics.

2. Support Matrix Information: From the same site, we also found these support matrix pages to be helpful as we started playing around with SAP Analytics cloud. As the product is still in active evolution, it helps to know upfront which features are supported and which ones aren’t.

3. SAP Analytics Cloud Learning Portal: Part of the SAP Analytics Cloud website, this page can not only help you access not only blogs and videos but also quick links to additional sections containing information such as SAP Analytics Cloud business content and webinars. The guided playlists for connectivity are especially very user-friendly.

4. SAP Blogs: Track this especially if you’d like to learn a few tips & tricks and best practices from industry mentors – things that you may not often find in user guides or official documentation

5. SAP Youtube Channels Videos: You’ll get a variety of content here but ensure that you are viewing a video that is relevant for the latest product release

For a more structured training, you may explore Visual BI’s SAP Analytics Cloud training that can be customized for 1-2 days. The training is also offered at site for SAP customers.

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