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In the first part of this blog, we saw some of the predominant features available in SAP Analytics cloud for providing seamless collaboration within your diversified teams.

Here we will discuss the even more effective collaboration features available in SAP Analytics Cloud.

1. Sharing

Data is most powerful when shared with others. You can share applications and files instantly, access information and get feedback quickly. You can set fine-grained permissions (view, edit, full control or custom based on need) so we don’t compromise on security for collaboration. Through version management in planning, you can even share private versions to different users to get inputs from them via input tasks.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Sharing and Collaboration – Part (2/2)

2. Bookmark

Have you ever had a page in the story or a set of filters that you frequently use? Tired performing multiple clicks to navigate to your frequently used state in the story? Worry not! The bookmark feature allows you to save a state or scenario in the story and lets you quickly navigate to your preferred state without all the hassle. Bookmarks can be private or global and can be shared with users when needed.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Sharing and Collaboration – Part (2/2)

3. Get Notified

Are you wondering how the recipient of your discussion or comment or task will get to know of your invite? SAP analytics cloud provides instant notification, allowing seamless collaboration for minimum business latency. Notifications are used throughout SAP Analytics Cloud to send system messages to responsible users.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Sharing and Collaboration – Part (2/2)

4. Mobile Annotations

Although words could convey information just fine, there is nothing as comfortable as old-school notepad scribbling. SAP analytics cloud allows you to share your interesting insights in the form of annotations to peers in mobile. Add drawings, highlight desired data points, add texts to a story or boardroom in SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app by selecting annotations icon. Share screenshots with team members by email or other options in IOS or save to your notes for later perusal.

5. Featured Files

Do you have a set of applications which is critical for your business and used by multiple departments in your organization? SAP analytics cloud allows you to place those important applications in featured files and allow different departments to access it seamlessly.

6. Meeting Minutes in Digital Boardroom

Are you worried about keeping track of the decisions taken in board meetings? SAP Digital Boardroom provides a 360-degree view of your business by combining various Stories. During digital boardroom presentations, you can instantly record your minutes of the meeting. Digital boardroom has ‘Meeting Minutes’ option which can be configured either in a context menu or action bar.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Sharing and Collaboration – Part (2/2)

On clicking the ‘Meeting Minutes’ option, you can add sections and write notes. This note can be attached to the topic or page within the agenda or dashboard. You can even publish instantly to allow other decision-makers to view the points discussed. Thus, this feature makes the decision-making process more organized.

SAP Analytics Cloud – Sharing and Collaboration – Part (2/2)

Collaboration, teamwork and user experience just got a notch easier with these out-of-the-box features from SAP Analytics Cloud.

Click here to evaluate if SAP Analytics Cloud is right for you. To know about the Analytic Applications of SAP Analytics Cloud, please check out our blog series here.

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