This blog covers major features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud Q1.2020 update and links to detailed blogs on the new features. Let us look into some of the highlights of this release, 

Data Integration

  • Qualtrics is available under the Acquire Data option. You will be able to build a Qualtrics query and consume it Stories and Analytic Application.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
  • In a public dimension, you now have the option to import data into a non-leaf node with conditional validation where you can omit hierarchies.
  • You can now connect to Cloud Foundry HANA 2.0 without the need for setting up HDI container which can be replaced with a user-provided service.
  • In the import job section, you will be able to see mappings and transformations of any imported data source.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
Mappings and Transforms


  • Calculation type “Aggregation” is available for BW Live connections. You can choose from a wide variety of aggregation types like count, min, max, avg, etc.
  • For Responsive pages and lanes, you will be able to add custom background images and gradients.
  • For charts, you will be able to show the legend for the applied Threshold.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
  • Administrators can add custom web fonts which can be utilized by Story Designers.
  • Quick Action menu can now be easily accessed within the context menu by right-clicking any widget.
  • You will now be able to utilize custom current date functionality for Restricted Measure calculations in addition to Input Controls and Widget Filters.
  • In the Responsive Layout device preview option, there is now an option to resize Story level font sizes in addition to resizing the font for each widget.

Analytics Designer

  • A new widget Text Area is available where you enter texts with line breaks.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
Text Area Widget
  • Search to Insight functionality can now be customized using scripting APIs.
  • When there are concurrent sessions for an Analytic Application, you will now get notification regarding that like Story.
  • Scripting API setVariableValue() is now possible for Data sources.
  • You can now configure Data Locking with scripting Table_1.getPlanning().getDataLocking().setState().
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
  • Analytic Application Themes can be changed in scripting using Application.setTheme() function.
  • Query Batching and BW Query Merge are now possible in Analytic Applications like Story which helps in improvement of performance.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
  • You can now configure a message for any delay in loading in addition to configuring milliseconds or completely disable it.
  • Data refresh can be manually triggered for any data source using scripting API refershData().


  • Copy, Cut and Paste keyboard shortcuts are available for data cells when you do planning.
  • While planning data using BPC Embedded connection, you now have the option to switch between view and edit mode easily.
  • You can now include an Allocation Step within Data Action flow for easier automation of planning functions.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020
  • Option to export data to S4/HANA using OData Services is now possible where you can map Target Dimensions and Measures like other export options.
  • Calendar Processes can now be automatically started and automatically completed based on the start and due date, respectively.

Smart Assist and Smart Predict

  • Search to Insight now supports phrases like Q1, H1, Previous, Current, First, Second, etc.
  • Support for Time-based question is improved in Search to Insight where you can use terms like over Time, by year, broken into months, etc.
  • Acquired models can be excluded from Search to Insight from General Settings of a model.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q1 2020

  • Smart Insights now show data trend over time whenever you have time dimension filters applied to the chart.
  • In accounts dimension, Income and Expense account type measures are represented in Smart Insights as ‘How is this calculated?’ to help planners take a better look at the financial data.
  • In Time Series Predictive model in Smart Predict, your data set can now have multi-column data for segmentation. This allows you to create segments that combine values from several columns.

Other Updates

Content Libraries on Content Network can be made restricted so that customers can buy and import content. You can set prompt values for all pages in Digital Boardroom. SAP Analytics Cloud for Office is released which extends analytic and planning capabilities to Microsoft Excel. Search to Insight is now available on mobile. Action Bar can be combined with either Header or Footer in Digital Boardroom. Time Variance options in charts are now supported to BW Live connections. BW Bex variable prompts for Fiscal Year and Currency is now supported. the iOS mobile app is supported for iOS 13. HANA input parameters and variables are now supported in the mobile app. In Model preferences, you can now delete all private versions created by users. Data Point commenting is now possible on Analytic Models.

If you are interested in learning more about SAP Analytics Cloud, check out our series of blogs here.

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