This blog covers major features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2020 and links to detailed blogs on the new features. Let us look into some of the highlights of this release.

Key Updates

Here are some important updates:

  • The most sought-after Scheduling and Sharing of Stories / Analytics Applications are possible from this release. The contents can now be shared via email.
  • The much-awaited Android support is released in this version as well.

Data Integration

  • A live connection from SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP Datawarehouse Cloud has been made possible in this release.
  • Data limits are increased for acquired models to massive 100 million cells and 100 columns for each load.
  • Users on a Cloud Foundry tenant and have the Open Connectors account can now have more open connectors data sources like Autotask CRM, Close, ConnectWise CRM, Infusionsoft CRM, Insightly, and Box.
  • Live Universe connections now support Search to Insights, which means you can literally connect to any database, live, through a Universe and then have Searched to Insights work on it.
  • Removing the duplicate rows in the acquired date made easy.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q2 2020


  • You can create custom hierarchies in BW Live connections.
  • You will be able to create widget filters with dynamic time ranges based on a custom current date. But it is still not supported on Geo Maps.
  • New ability to export your stories as PowerPoint saving your time for presentations.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q2 2020
  • Pattern search is improved in Input controls to select the members based on a specific pattern rather scroll down the vertical bar.
  • The long-awaited custom sorts are available on the dimension members in tables and charts for the BW Live models.
  • Measure Values can now be displayed on Bubble Layer of Geo Maps.
  • A constant section is a feature that gives the flexibility to ignore conflicting filters for a selected subset which is a part of Bex Query. This ability is brought into SAP Analytics Cloud while creating restricted measures like Bex Query Designer.

Analytical Designer

  • The ODATA services in Analytical Designer now have options to define services based on SAP systems SAP BW, HANA and BPC.
  • Exporting the Analytic Application exports the custom widgets that are being used in the application as well.
  • The variables used in the application are by default merged. The scripting APIs removeVariableValue() and copyVariableValueFrom() are introduced for BW and HANA Live connections. With the help of scripting APIs, you can unmerge the variables and set separate variable values for each widget.
  • Accidents happen, do not worry if you delete a widget by mistake you can restore the widget for a few seconds.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q2 2020
  • If you want specific tasks to be done before executing a data action trigger/ BPC sequence, then onBeforeExectute event is now available.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q2 2020
  • You can now copy widgets across Stories and Analytic Application and across multiple tabs.


  • You can now export Activity Type Plan Cost Rates (ACCOSTRATE) to S/4 Hana from SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • A New function TODAY has been introduced in Advanced Formulas that returns the current UTC in YYYYMMDD format.
  • In cross model copy action in Data Actions, a new option ‘Ignore’ has been introduced that allows you to exclude any source members that were not automatically mapped to a target member.
  • Data locking editor can now be opened from Data locking task in read-only mode.

Smart Assist

  • Search to Insights now has Histogram that can be viewed using the keyword ‘as histogram’.
  • Smart Insights can now be used in Explorer and Digital boardroom.
  • Search to insight has been enhanced with support for the following: Numeric decimals, words like “a million”, “half a million”, “m” (for Million) and “b” (for Billion).
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q2 2020

Other Updates

In addition to the above, there are some minor updates as well, which includes a redesigned adding widget option in Analytics Designer, having the option is display ID or Description or both in an input control and improvements to number formatting in Geo Maps such as scaling, decimals etc.

If you are interested in learning more about SAP Analytics Cloud, check out our series of blogs here.

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