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Since SuccessFactors (SF) is an SAP product, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) provides a Native SuccessFactors connector available as a source system within SAC, which takes away most of the efforts involved and can be configured by a well-informed user, if required. This greatly simplifies the process. A generic way of connecting to SuccessFactors using OData has been explained here- https://visualbistage.wpengine.com/blogs/sap/successfactors/hcm-analytics-us…ing-odata-part-2/. This blog deals with the native connectivity offered by SAC to SuccessFactors.

When using the OData connector, the user is expected to know collections, entities, entity sets, all of which can prove confusing for an end user to be able to see their data within SAC. This is because the OData service lends itself well, to managing data in SuccessFactor. However, is not the best way to consume data for Analytics as an end user. To overcome this gap, the Native connector was introduced. In the screenshots below, we will discuss the Native SuccessFactors instance which can be configured for SAC.

You can read the instruction of how to create a connection with SAP SuccessFactors from the following link: https://www.sapanalytics.cloud/guided_playlists/connect-to-sap-successfactors/

The screenshot below, shows the native connector of SuccessFactors within SAC:

SAP HCM Analytics – SuccessFactors SAC Native Connectivity- Part 3/3
Advantages of Native Connectivity:

Although you connect to a single entity from a particular HCM module, you have the flexibility to access the associated entities’ fields related to that particular single entity. It helps you leverage this tool, to avoid the incomplete data access from the insular OData Services connector. The OData API was defined to give users access to data at the lowest level, which is also the shortcoming it faces when used for analytics purposes. Because it is a native connection, it allows you to set up an OAuth key-based access to your SuccessFactors instance.

One thing to note is that the Native connector also uses OData to connect, however, it has been packaged in a user-friendly way to enable analytics than CRUD operations.

The Screenshot below displays the objects accessed via the native connector and the ability to explore the data.

SAP HCM Analytics – SuccessFactors SAC Native Connectivity- Part 3/3

In the below snapshot, we can see how the corresponding associations to User entities are captured in the query along with the base entity. It helps us refrain from data blending to perform a complete analysis of our HR Data. Thereby, we can avoid the dashboard performance taking a hit due to data blending.

SAP HCM Analytics – SuccessFactors SAC Native Connectivity- Part 3/3
SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Connector:

In many enterprises using SuccessFactors today, a popular method of analytics is to use Workforce analytics within SuccessFactors which gives you the ability to access over 600 different metrics pertaining to performance. With SAC, the same can be reused using the Workforce analytics connector rather than having to build it from scratch again.

This data can then be blended with other sources of data, presented in SAC stories and included in SAP Digital Boardroom presentations.

You can further create a connection following the steps described by SAP:


What is the future of HCM Analytics?

SAP Analytics is SAP’s flagship analytics tool for the cloud and beyond. It has a very robust pipeline by way of enhancements etc. The following is the SAP roadmap for this Analytical tool:

There will be major enhancements to the SF solution within SAC by the end of this year. LIVE connection to SuccessFactors is scheduled to be rolled out in the next 4-5 month’s timeframe. In future, the analytics component will be a part of SuccessFactors with embedded SAC.


Note: this is a roadmap and has scope for change – please check with the latest roadmap as given by SAP.

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