Business content for SAP Analytics Cloud is a library which consists of ready-to-run analytical application templates, based on replicated data facilities with respect to specific business scenarios, which requires no additional systems to view it. The content comes ready to run with in-built data, and further lets you supplement your enterprise data to build more personalized use cases and derive insights. With very minimal effort on customization, the stories and visuals can be plugged in to consume data from your environment by changing the connections according to your infrastructure. The connectivity includes any platform that is supported by SAC ranging from Excel, SAP BW, SAP HANA or any other cloud or on-premise data source.


Our Solution Highlights

Visual BI has offered three pre-packaged business solutions that deliver leading-edge decision-making capabilities to executives,


1. Digital Boardroom Solution for Sales and Distribution Analytics

This content provides a lot of insights on Sales, Product performance, Vendor performance and allows the business users to plan and forecast by product and categories. This pre-packaged business content is a typical scenario for a distribution business that procures multiple products from multiple vendors and then distributes the products to several retail outlets. The KPIs provide a 360 view of the sales across the enterprise, by vendors, products, product categories, and stores, along with planning and forecasting capabilities.



2. Accounts Receivables & Cash Flow (AR & CF) Analytics

ARCF solution leverages innovative visualization techniques to analyze Accounts Receivables & Cash Flow for a multi-entity global enterprise dealing in multiple currencies.

The solution allows you to analyze balances & receivables over time and across various aging buckets. You can view the status by invoicing entity that also includes options for intra-company transactions. There is a quick toggle which allows you to switch between Receivables and Cash Flows with filters by geography, currency, customer & sales representatives. Accounts Receivables & Cash Flow for enterprises dealing in multiple currencies can be compared as well. Outlying customers for each sales representative can be identified using a box-plot analysis and doubtful debts, using the bubble chart, where you have options to filter by overdue balance, doubtful debt, and percentage of the doubtful debt.



3. SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas

This pre-packaged business content helps executives track and benchmark performance across Operations, Finance, Procurement, and Health & Safety.

The home page provides a 360’ view of the business by delivering quick insights on performance for the current period. Executives can opt to drill down into specific KPIs of interest.

This solution lets you view how the KPI’s are distributed across the different metrics in a tile layout. It further allows to drill into the details using predefined hierarchies or use the Jump functionality to navigate directly to the KPI-based analysis.



Features of the Business Content

  • Rapid go to Market – Plug and play solution with minimal customization efforts, where the content can be used for your business.
  • Highly interactive solutions, with the ability to perform linked analysis with almost all the visuals that are available in the content.
  • Bring your own data (BYOD) and leverage existing models and stories to deliver an engaging SAP Digital Boardroom solution for executive and end users.
  • The KPIs are customizable and so are the stories and visuals to suit your enterprise needs.
  • The solution leverages SAP Digital Boardroom and Planning capabilities for maximum impact and performance.


For more details on each individual package, explore the content library in the application or check out the below-given links to SAP App Center,

  1. SAP Digital Boardroom for Sales and Distribution Analytics –
  2. Accounts Receivables & Cash Flow Analytics –
  3. SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas –


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