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This blog covers top features and enhancements in the SAP Analytics Cloud Q4.2020 update. We will look at some of the highlights of this release.

Key updates

With the latest SAC release, you can:

  • Connect to live SAP Webi (SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence) data models, therefore enabling you to reuse calculations and complex query logic.
  • Access your analytics applications in iOS mobile with the latest extension on mobile applications.


  • There is more to plan when you want to answer questions on WhoWhat, and Which, about your data. With the latest Data Action Monitor page, you have greater visibility to know what you are looking for in a single place.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s new in version Q4 2020
New Data Action Monitor page in SAC

Analytics Designer

With the latest update, SAC caters to blazingly fast application startups, thanks to the Always initialize on startup widget feature. This lets you optimize the performance of the analytic applications.

SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s new in version Q4 2020
Startup widget initialization – SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Get more creative with the new CSS styling! ! You can use CSS class styles either on a widget or globally for an application to experience personalized styling.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s new in version Q4 2020
CSS Styling option in SAC analytic application
  • Tired of WYSIWYG? Ever wanted to export the entire content to a PDF? Well, now it’s totally possible to get your entire table’s data (even without other components) in a single click with the new ‘DIsplay fully the exported widget’ option under Export to PDF.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s new in version Q4 2020
Exporting option in SAP Analytics Cloud – entire table content
  • Working with Excel has always made life more comfortable, right? Yes indeed! Now, with the new MS Office Add-in, you can leverage all the analytic benefits plus extended planning functions of SAP Analytics Cloud right on your Windows Desktop App!

Data visualization

  • Hassle-free model swapping isn’t a myth anymore! You will now be able to repoint your existing acquired models within a story. Replace it with a new model having additional members along with primary dimensions while preserving your valuable configuration and time.

Platform services

  • As a manager, wouldn’t it be easier to appoint your leads as scheduling admins for maintaining schedules?  Well, now the wish is granted! You can now assign specific SAC users as Scheduling Administrators who can manage, delete, or modify schedules created by other users.

Smart Predict

  • Struggling to get the most valuable insights from your data? With the latest enhancement to SAC’s Smart Assist, you can portray insightful stories from your organization’s hierarchical data based on the level of the dimension hierarchy rather than just the leaf node.
  • Using Smart Predict, planners can now perform forecasting in either default or local currency, allowing users to better understand the trend of local currency.

Other updates

Scripting APIs for custom user-defined messages are now offered for calendar tasks under scheduled publications. SAP has added the switch widget that can be toggled ’‘On’ or ’‘Off’ – a much-awaited service.

Data Actions script functions get more agile with the introduction of the LAST module that lets you access the last time period from the passed date arguments.

Interacting with Search to Insights results is now possible that lets you filter/ exclude dimension don’t fit your frame.


Stay tuned for features in the further release updates! Interested in learning more about SAP Analytics Cloud? Check out our series of blogs here.

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