This blog covers some of the latest features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud and links to detailed blogs on the new features.

As part of the Bi-weekly update, while SAP Analytics Cloud continues to strengthen the planning capabilities. In addition, this release includes a large set of enhancements to ‘Data Visualization’, ‘Analytics Designer’ and a few other improvements as part of performance improvements using Live BW connections.

Let us look into some of the highlights of this release,

1. Planning

1.1. Option to publish private comments

The comments created in your private version now has the ability to be published when you make a private version as Public version.

SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version 2019.19

1.2. Enhancements to Formatting Options

  • Two major enhancements with respect to look and feel on a table when created with multiple versions have been introduced in this release.1. You will now be able to distinguish between various versions created within, that includes Public, private and forecast. This change includes distinctive formatting for the header cells.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version 2019.19
  • You will also be able to change the colors of the Expand/collapse symbol as well as decoration lines on the header that allows you to distinguish between versions.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version 2019.19

Click this link to understand more details on planning in SAP Analytics Cloud.

2. Analytics Designer – Timer

This update in Analytics Designer allows you to define a new widget, ‘Timer’ that delays the trigger of an API call using related scripting.

Click this link to understand more details on the usage of the ‘Timer’ widget.

3. Data Visualizations

This update has some nice enhancements to the look and feel aspects of the Stories / Applications in SAP Analytics Cloud:

  1. Unrestricted Drilling – This option of drilling down levers in a widget lets you stay on desired granularity even if the entire time range does not have data. You will be allowed to apply dynamic time range to widget filters.
  2. Linked Analysis for drill levels – This feature is something that would ease the way you filter multiple charts when linked. You will be now able to change the hierarchy of multiple charts through Linked Analysis, as long as the charts are on the same hierarchy and level as the driver chart.
  3. Increase dimension data label spacing for charts with only negative values – The challenge of viewing axis labels fully when there is a longer text is now partially resolved. For charts with negative values exclusively, moving the right axis will expand the space next to your data labels making them easier to read.
  4. Save & Leave the Story – This new option in the story reduces the effort of multiple clicks when attempting to exit with unsaved changes. Story designers will now be able to quickly save and leave the story with one click.

4. Performance improvements for Live BW connections

Another major update in this release is the way SAP Analytics Cloud allows the merging of BW queries, thereby limiting the number of sessions opened with SAP BW while running the application with a Live BW connection. For more information on how this can be done, and a detailed analysis of the performance improvements, check this blog to know more.

5. Other updates

There are several other updates related to Administration and Infrastructure. Now users have the option to send an email while sharing the files with the user. There are also a few other security improvements.

To learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud, check our series of blogs here.

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