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This blog covers major features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud Q4.2019 update and links to detailed blogs on the new features.

Let us look into some of the highlights of this release,

Data Integration

  • Apart from BPC, S4HANA and OData, you will now be able to export data directly to SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning).
  • When you export data to files, in the schedule settings you will be able to create an hourly schedule.
  • You will be able to share the File Server connection you created so that other users can utilize the connection and create schedules.
  • If you are using BW Live connection to build Stories, then you will be able to enable BW Query Merge which enhances the overall performance of your Story.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q4 2019

  • In BPC Live connection, Characteristic as a Key Figure is now supported.
  • When you are using a Live Universe connection, you will now be able to add Aggregation Calculations in addition to Calculated Measure and Restricted Measure.


  • Recommended Comparisons are now shown with respect to time periods and version. On click of a button, you will be able to add comparisons to the previous period, actual to budget, etc. These recommendations are available in both the Builder Panel and the Context menu of charts.
SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q4 2019

You will now be able to prevent the end-user from deleting a Story or Widget filter. If the user is allowed to modify the filter, then the filter will return to the default values when the user wants to remove the filter.

SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q4 2019

  • You will now be able to add multi-dimensional sorts to your charts where you can sort the dimensions alphabetically or give a custom sort order.
  • If you accidentally delete a widget, you don’t have to worry as you will momentarily get an option to restore the widget at the bottom.
  • Apart from the standard ‘No data is available’ message, you will now be able to choose between four different messages to be displayed when there is no data available to display. This can only be configured by the Administrator. Also, these error messages can be styled within Styling panel by the developers.

Analytics Designer

SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q4 2019

Custom SDK is released for everyone and you will be able to start building your own custom extensions which can be used only within Analytics Designer.

SAP Analytics Cloud – What’s New in version Q4 2019

  • Tab Strip is a new container widget released in this version.
  • With the help of functions like getResultSet() and getResultmember(), you will be able to iterate the results shown in a table by inputting selection as the parameter. These Result Set functions will also help you to set up Cascading Filter functionality which was not possible earlier.
  • Though Analytics Designer is yet to get mobile support, you will be able to adjust size and position of widgets using scripting or Styling panel and design a completely responsive layout for your application that can adjust to various screen sizes.


  • When you add a new member in the table, you will now be able to define Read and Write permission for the member.
  • When you publish your private version to be a public version, you can choose to retain your private comments in your public version.
  • Advanced Formula in Data Action Trigger is enhanced with new functions like Day(), Month(), Year(), DAYSINMONTH(), DAYSINYEAR(), DATERATIO(), CARRYFORWARD() and CONFIG.HIERARCHY().
  • When you are doing planning with an embedded BPC connection, you can set the plan state of the query right within Builder panel. If you enable/disable planning in Builder panel, this will be in sync with the backend.

Other Updates

Smart Insight has been enhanced to show data point over time. There is a new option to delete dimension members in a data model. You can choose to send an email when sharing files or folders. There is a new copy privilege for files and folders. Smart Predict can now connect to a LIVE HANA data source. You can now enable translation directly in a model or public dimension and the public metadata will be marked for translation.

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