SAP BI Version Management System is a powerful and flexible option that makes versioning sleek and simple. However, there are scenarios where flexibility should be taken out of the system for content integrity and change control. When there is a development freeze before a huge go-live (or) update, there will be a need to avoid new commits (checkin) in to the repository. Lock and Unlock options in SAP BI Version Management will serve this purpose.

This blog like many others is a continuation of SAP BI Version Management System series and will cover Lock and Unlock options available in SAP BI VMS.



Lock option is simple, straight forward and highly efficient. When an administrator wants to control commits (checkin) to the VMS, he can lock that particular object (or) report. Once the Lock is enforced, all VMS options will be greyed out. They will be re-enabled only after report is unlocked.

In Version Management – a simple WEBI report which is already been added to VMS, selecting that Webi report will show all options:

SAP BI VMS Lock and Unlock

Now the “Lock” option is executed. Lock option also has “comments” for identification

SAP BI VMS Lock and Unlock

Once it is locked:

  • Most options will be greyed out – Changes can’t be committed.
  • Locked by column will show the user-id of the user who locked it

SAP BI VMS Lock and Unlock

This helps content owners and admins to control versions that are written to VMS



Unlock simply unlocks the locked report and makes it open for checkin(s) to VMS. This option helps admins/content owners to open the report back to developers for checkin(s)

In VMS, executing “Unlock” will open the report for changes

SAP BI VMS Lock and Unlock

After Unlock

  • Greyed out options are opened again
  • Locked by column will be blanked out

SAP BI VMS Lock and Unlock

Lock and Unlock option are effective only with a proper Version Management security in place. If the user has permissions to unlock the report, then he can unlock the report and checkin the changes. So, a strong security setup is recommended for effective use of this feature.


Hope that was helpful! Best practices and security recommendations will be shared in next blogs of this series.

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