Design Studio 1.3 is now GA, in this blog you will learn how to create an application on analytic views or calculation views as data sources, and then save it to HANA repository.

Design Studio 1.3 now support HANA-only deployment as well.

  • You can now save your application in HANA Repository
  • Design Studio runtime is moved to browser
  • No Java stack as deployment platform is needed
  • Uses firefly instead of BICS at Design Studio runtime

NOTE: You can only connect to one SAP HANA system, and can only add data sources from one SAP HANA System.

1. Create a View (in SAP HANA Studio)

Create an Analytical View or Cal View by importing BW model into HANA. I created views on Sales Order infocube.
Create an Application (using SAP Design Studio). Run the SAP Design Studio tool and set the preferred startup mode as “SAP HANA” (Tools -> Preferences)


2. Restart SAP Design Studio and login to your HANA system

3. Create a new application and click Finish


4. Add a data source
Select the view which you just created.

NOTE: When adding analytic views or calculation views as data sources to your analysis applications, you should note that SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio can only use analytic views or calculation views, which have the MultiDimensional Reporting property set to true.

5. Create your application


6. Click “Execute on SAP HANA”





Happy learning!

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