One of the most exciting features in SAP Design Studio 1.3 is the SAP BI Integrated Planning (IP). Here is an account of my deep-diving into the feature with the help of sales data.

What exactly is IP? Integrated Planning is a planning tool, which is a part of SAP BI that allows the user to plan and write back the planned data to the InfoProvider. This has few algorithms within itself which helps the user to plan or forecast. For this case we are using the copy[1] function. This function creates a new entry which when added/subtracted from the existing value leaves us with the new user-input value.

Step 1:

Prerequisites for creating a planning application in SAP Design Studio:

  • Input enabled query or a planning query which can be built only over a real-time cube
  • A planning function or a planning sequence can be created over the real-time cube in RSPLAN t-code
  • An aggregation has to be created over the cube which can be consumed to build an input enabled query. (Here[2] are the steps to create a real-time cube and aggregation)

Real-time BW cube with planning function


Real-time cube with a planning function and aggregation

Step 2:
Now create a query in Query Designer on the aggregation created and enable input for the required fields under the Planning tab. Check if the input is enabled by checking it either in Web Analyzer or RSRT.
Input enabled query in RSRT


Input enabled query in RSRT

Input enabled query in RSRT


Input enabled query in RSRT

Step 3:
Now consume the query in SAP Design Studio. Add a planning function to the application.
Planning function in SAP Design Studio


Planning function in SAP Design Studio

On the event start up, enter:


The user needs to enable planning in the cross tab so as to input values. This can be done only using a crosstab.

and it can be done by enabling planning in the crosstab. This enables the user to input to the crosstab.
Planning in SAP Design Studio


Planning in SAP Design Studio

To save the entered value back to the InfoProvider, we can add a script to the button:;

On clicking this the entered data will be saved on to the InfoProvider.

Step 4:
SAP Design Studio also allows few more On Click events.
Planning events in SAP Design Studio


SAP Design Studio Planning – On Click Events

The above script enables the user to enter a value and recalculate it without saving the data to the InfoProvider.

The above script resets the value to the last unsaved data.

Client Reset:
The above script resets the value to the last recalculated data.

Checking for changes:
hasUnsavedChanges() and hasClientChanges():
The above scripts can be used in conjunction with “if” statements to check whether there are any unsaved or client-changed entries.

To check unsaved changes:

if ((Planning.hasUnsavedChanges() == true)) {
APPLICATION.alert(“You have not saved your changes”);
} else {
APPLICATION.alert(“Your changes have been saved”) ;
Check not recalculated client Changes :
if ((Planning.hasClientChanges() == true)) {
APPLICATION.alert(“There are recalculated entries”);
} else {
APPLICATION.alert(“There are no recalculated entries “) ;

We can now check if the data has loaded to the cube by adding the cube as another connection and consuming it in a crosstab.

Before saving:

Integrated Planning in SAP Design Studio before saving


Integrated Planning in SAP Design Studio before saving

Notice the zero in the first row. The first table is the input enabled table and the next one is the data consumed from the InfoProvider.

After Saving:
Integrated Planning in SAP Design Studio After Saving


Integrated Planning in SAP Design Studio after saving

It is also possible to create a planning sequence which allows creating a group of planning functions and sort it in the required order and can be consumed in SAP Design Studio which we will try out later. This is the sequential procedure to try out Integrated Planning with SAP Design Studio.


[1] Copy function in BI Integrated Planning
[2] Step by Step Guide to Learn Integrated Planning

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