In a BW system, the RSADMIN table is used as a configuration table for many processes and functionalities. This table has parameters that define some system configurations, behavior and display of result sets. For instance, when there is division by zero in a BEx Query, the result is displayed as the symbol ‘X’. This symbol is defined in the RSADMIN table. Similarly, RSADMIN parameters define many other options, like the max no of cells in a result set, message to display for lack of authorization etc.

BEx output - DIV by zero shown as 'X

BEx output – DIV by zero shown as ‘X

As of SAP Design Studio 1.3, SAP provides options to customize the values of a few RSADMIN parameters, at the SAP BusinessObjects level. This is done at the SAP BusinessObjects layer through “Analysis Application Service” APS parameters. Customizing RSADMIN parameters can help developers and end users by displaying more meaningful text in case of errors in calculation, units or authorizations.

Steps to edit RSADMIN parameters

Step 1:
Login to “SAP BusinessObjects CMC” with an account that has administrator rights.

Step 2:
Select the “Servers” option under “Organize”.

Select Servers under Organize

Select the “Servers”

Step 3:
Select “Servers List” to view all the APS servers in the system.

Servers list

Select “Servers List”

Step 4:
Select the APS server that hosts the “Analysis Application Service” (or) the one that is configured for SAP Design Studio.

Analysis Application Service

Analysis Application Service

Step 5:
Right click on the SAP Design Studio APS and select “Properties”.

Step 6:
In “Properties”, search for “Analysis Application Service” and update each RSADMIN value as required.

Search for 'Analysis Application Service'

Search for ‘Analysis Application Service’

Step 7:
Click on “Save and Close” to complete the configuration. Update this across all APS servers configured to process SAP Design Studio requests.

Once this is complete, SAP Design Studio applications will show custom values configured in APS servers, when executed in platform mode.

Design Time vs Run Time views of DIV by zero

Design Time vs Run Time views of DIV by zero


Similarly, for Mixed Units


Design Time vs Run Time view of Mixed Units

Design Time vs Run Time view of Mixed Units

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