Christmas this year has come early, by a week, to be precise, in the form of the release of the latest instalment of the Star Wars movie franchise, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Fans the world over have been eagerly waiting for this epic sci-fi drama to hit the screens for more than a year now, and this is clearly evident from the record-breaking advance ticket bookings, somewhere to the tune of well over a 100 million dollars.

Since I am a huge Star Wars fan, I thought I’d do something to give my dashboard, built using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, the Star Wars touch. A lightsaber would have been my weapon of choice for this task, but since there were none handy, I had to make do with just an image of one. Using Design Studio’s runtime profiling statistics, the Timer Component and some CSS, I was able to come up with this loading screen that would give any Star Wars fan viewing this dashboard a very pleasant surprise.

Star Wars Lightsaber Load Screen in SAP Design Studio

Yes, the lightsaber is red for a reason.

So go ahead and imbibe the Force in your dashboard this festive weekend.

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