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Bookmarks in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.4: Tried and Tested

Jan 14, 2015


Bookmarks in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.4 have undergone some enhancements and here are some of my findings after some extensive testing of the bookmark feature on local mode and on the BusinessObjects Platform.

Basic Bookmarking:

Changes made to the dashboard (from changing a text to even changing scripting) result in the bookmarks becoming obsolete.

My suggestion would be to use it only when the Dashboard is finalized.

Fragment Bookmarking & Portable Fragment Bookmarking:

Scenario (Design)Result
Deleted a componentComponent disappears
Renamed a componentComponent disappears
Resized a componentRetains the bookmarked size
Changed a Text/formatRetains the bookmarked text/format
Renamed a DatasourceRetains the bookmarked Datasource
Remapped a different Query to a DataSourceRetains the bookmarked Datasource
Changed chart typeRetains the bookmarked chart type
Data Selection in ChartRetains the bookmarked selection
Changes in scriptingUnaffected, only current scripting works

Scenario (Runtime)Result
Selection in CrosstabSelection not retained
Selection in Dropdown*Retains the bookmarked Selection
Dropdown* Items removedRetains the bookmarked Items
Selection in ChartInconsistent
Selection in Filter Panel/DropdownRetains bookmarked selection
Filters Applied**Retains bookmarked filter
Context Menu enabled***Retained

Note: Custom components can also be bookmarked using the two methods we’ve discussed.

* Also applies for Radio Button, List Box, Checkbox group.

** Given that the Selector is within the Panel bookmarked, the filter applied can also be changed.

*** If the technical component is present in target dashboard in case of Portable Fragments.

The same scenario has to be tested on the SAP NetWeaver platform.

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