SAP Design Studio is one tool, for which efficient design is critical for good performance. Dashboards that are modified haphazardly, based on changing client requirements tend to fare poorly from the performance standpoint. Given that, it is important to know precisely what each SAP Design Studio component is capable of doing, its limitations, its impact on performance etc. This knowledge helps immensely during the design phase of the dashboard when finalizing on the components to use.

With that in mind, I have been keeping track of some of the limitations of commonly used components in SAP Design Studio 1.3. Check out the table below for my wish list of features for these components !


Basic Components




  • Color changeable for Checkmark / Checkbox
  • Checkbox groups – like the Radio button group

Date Field


  • Multiple selection option
  • Year field display more than the current +/ – 10 values
  • Range selection option



  • ‘SetSelectedItem’ when the component is populated from a data source
  • Data filtered by the default value, even during intial load, without requiring calling of OnClick
  • Multi-Select option


Formatted Text


  • Word-Wrapping
  • More formatting stylesFormatted text
  • Alignment options like center, left, right
  • Line spacing for paragraphs
  • Scroll bars to avoid long text moving out of the component area



  • Images loading before background processing is done. There is a work around ( watch out for a blog on this ! )

Input Field

  • Width adjustable based on the length of input
  • Word Wrap optionInput field
  • Input fields for password entry, so option to mask typed text with *
  • Option to set Max / Min limit

List Box


  • Ability to show hierarchies


Analytic Components


Cross Tab


  • Header row freezable
  • Drag drop functionality for characteristics and key figures
  • Option to remove grid lines without having to use CSS / Script



  • Range Slider option
  • An option to sort data inside charts – asc or desc or by value !


  • More chart types – XY, OHLC, Candlestick, Bullet, Sparkline



Container Components


Grid Layout


  • Further subdivision of rows and columns – Only way now is to add another grid inside the row / col

Grid layout



  • Option to move to first or last page


Tab strip


  • Scrollbars

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