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With the release of iOS 8, we thought it was important for our customers to know what issues might come up as a result of the upgrade. This led us to test the SAP Mobile BI app on iOS 8, before it was released to them. SAP has announced Day 1 support of iOS 8 and we hope that the known issues get fixed in the next version of the app.

While testing, we primarily focused on the app & SAP Design Studio and here is what we have found:

Version used for Testing:

BI Platform: BI 4.1 SP4 Patch 2
SAP Design Studio: 1.3 SP1
BI Mobile: 6.0.8
1. Crashing : One of the first issues that we noticed was that the SAP BI Mobile App crashes frequently.

2. Open Doc Link Issue : Open doc links do not work properly for a particular scenario – We developed a simple SAP Design Studio dashboard with open doc links to other reports (SAP Design Studio, WebI and Crystal). If the user clicks on the SAP Design Studio open doc link first and comes back to the main application, the other links in the main application do not work. This does not happen if we click on any other open doc links (WebI/Crystal) first.

3. Search functionality in filters : Another issue that we noticed was with the dimension filter component. When the dimension filter is populated with a number of values that cannot fit into the panel, the user has to search for a particular entry using the search box available. When we try to search, the keyboard keeps popping up multiple times.

Impact of iOS 8 Upgrade on SAP Design Studio on Mobile BI

These are some main issues that we faced. We also tested a few of our SAP Design Studio Custom add-ons and we did not notice any major issues because of the upgrade. We are in the process of testing the other components (charts and selectors) and we haven’t encountered any issues till now.

Impact of iOS 8 Upgrade on SAP Design Studio on Mobile BI

These are our first thoughts on SAP Mobile BI app on iOS 8. Keep following this post for more updates.

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