While features offered by the SAP Design Studio 1.3 SDK has not changed much (while compared to 1.2), you can now deploy extensions on both SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA platforms.

However some restrictions continue to remain, such as the ability to build container components, result-set size limitations and the ability to modify data sources.

Something to watch out for: While rebuilding components developed in SDK 1.2 using SDK 1.3, the compilation and packaging works without any issues. However, you may get the following error message while installing the component in the SAP Design Studio environment.

No Extensions Found: Discovery completed without finding any extensions. Please check your network connection and try again.
To avoid this issue, do the following while packaging the component.

1. Open the Plugin.xml file in the SDK extension.


2. Choose the Overview tab. In the version input field, enter the version number with suffix “qualifier”. For example, if the version number is 1.0.0 then write “1.0.0.qualifier”.



This should fix the issue, and your installation should go smoothly. Watch out this space for more updates on SAP Design Studio 1.3.

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