Ever since SAP released Design Studio as yet another dashboarding tool, there has been a lot of speculation about it. User forums are constantly debating about how user friendly, developer friendly and functionally stable it is and if it will replace Xcelsius in the long run. SAP Design Studio version 1.3 brought with it a host of new interesting features. It is obvious that SAP wants to promote Design Studio in a big way.

Curious about the tool, I started experimenting with it since version 1.2. Here is a compilation of the differences between the versions, that I have come across during dashboard development. Maintaining this list helps, because our clients use different versions of the tool. It is by no means exhaustive. Some of the issues here may be related to our landscape and hence may not be a general issue.

SAP Design Studio Version Comparison

User Interface:

SAP Design Studio Version Comparison
User Interface


SAP Design Studio Version Comparison


SAP Design Studio Version Comparison


Custom Component Installation:

SAP Design Studio Version Comparison
Custom Component Installation

I will continue to keep this list updated. Let me conclude with some features that I hope to see in future releases.

  • Ability to determine the level of hierarchy from a dimension filter, when hierarchy is used
  • When both single value and a range have been selected on a dimension filter, it is unclear as to what selection the data is being filtered for, the range or the single selection. Both are shown in the dimension filter. It would be better to have only single selected values or range as a selected value instead of being able to select both types
  • Merge data source option
  • Custom formula provision
  • Ability to export the data source to excel – now only crosstab data gets exported

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