While SAP IOMS (Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint) can support viewing of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI) and Crystal Reports in SharePoint, it does not support viewing of SAP Design Studio dashboards yet. But there is a way to achieve this integration.

The following SAP Note 2057298 (https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2057298) provides more information about SAP Design Studio support in IOMS

SAP Design Studio Dashboards can be consumed using OpenDoc in SharePoint. Navigate to the properties of the Design Studio Document from the Launchpad and open the Document link.

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- Properties

Copy the OpenDoc Link

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- OpenDoc

In SharePoint, we would be using a SharePoint web part to display the SAP Design Studio application. The web part can be embedded in any existing page or can be viewed as a completely new page and also along with IOMS.

In the SharePoint editor mode, Go to Insert -> Web Part

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- Web Part

Navigate to Media and Content -> Page viewer

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- Page Viewer

Go to Page Viewer -> <Context Menu> Edit Web Part

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- Edit Web Part

Paste the OpenDoc URL in the Link property of the Web Part to embed the document in the page

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- OpenDoc URL

Apply the changes and save the page. Now you will be able to see SAP Design Studio Dashboard on the page.

SAP Design Studio Dashboards- Final

SharePoint and SSO

If SAP BO is configured for Single Sign-On with Windows Authentication, sharepoint can render it the dashboard seamlessly to Windows users.

If there is no Single Sign-On configured, the page would prompt the user to login before the dashboard is loaded.

Integrating SAP Design Studio with Office365 SharePoint

A similar method can be used to view an SAP Design Studio application from Office 365 SharePoint.

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