Why should I upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2?

How do I better leverage my existing investment?

and much more. This post covers all of Ingo Hilgefort’s (our VP of Product Management) answers to questions posed by attendees after his webinar on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2. Click here to watch a replay of the webinar.

Question 1: Is the Linked Dimension / Combine option in Analysis for Excel available in all versions?

Answer: The Linked Dimension capability becomes available with Analysis for Office 2.4.

Question 2:  Does recycle bin work for instances?

Answer: As far as I know (speaker), right now the Recycle Bin is not working for instances.

Question 3: If there is no universe required for Web Intelligence, will it function the same way if the Web Intelligence has 50 dimensions?

Answer: The functionality of Web Intelligence is not changing if you connect to HANA with a Universe or directly without a Universe.

Question 4: Notification question, how about users who are already logged in? Will they be informed too?

Answer: The notification can be shown in the BI Launchpad on the main page / header and can be sent out via eMail. So when the logged in user would navigate to the home screen of the BI Launchpad, the notification would show.

Question 5: What is the road map for incorporating the EPM Add-in to Analysis Office?

Answer: All product road maps can be reviewed on Service Marketplace following the URL : https://service.sap.com/roadmaps.

Question 6: Can we control the comments visible to a particular user?

Answer: Commenting does come with security that can be configured to who can view, create or edit a comment – but it’s based on the functionality of commenting, not to specific comments itself.

Question 7:  Can Lumira documents be viewed directly on Launchpad?

Answer: Yes, Lumira documents can be viewed in the BI Launchpad assuming you installed the Lumira Add On for the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.

Question 8: As you referred, in Lumira, we can filter data before it gets to BI. Do we have similar capability in WebI or Dashboard Designer?

Answer: In Web Intelligence you have the Query Panel. In regards to the Dashboard Designer – you should really look at Design Studio as a replacement for that.

Question 9: Comments: What happens to Cell comment once report is refreshed?

Answer: The comments are context aware, so they move with the cell.

Question 10: Do you have any information on how STS and SSO are handled differently in 4.2 vs. 4.1?

Answer: In case you are looking for something very specific, please look at the detailed product documentation or follow up with the SAP Support team.

Question 11: What constitutes a report being “used” in the cockpit?

Answer: A simple viewing of the report means that the report was used.

Question 12: Will Lumira 2.0 be released this summer? Will 4.2 SP3 be compatible?

Answer: The details on the supported platforms for Lumira 2.0 will be published by SAP closer to the release.

Question 13: Do we need Lumira license to use Lumira in BI Launchpad?

Answer: Yes.

Question 14: Can we create filters in universe connected to BEx Query?

Answer: Yes, you can create filters in the Universe and in the query panel.

Question 15: Is some kind of “audit dashboard” planned for the future release? (some integration with Admin Cockpit?)

Answer: Please follow up on Idea Place as part of the SAP community to raise this as an idea.

Question 16: Is formatting of comments planned? We need some basic formatting like bold, underline, etc.

Answer: To my knowledge, so far that is not on the road map.

Question 17: Is support of multi-source universe planned for Design Studio?

Answer: To my knowledge, that item is not shown on the current road map.

Question 18: For the BI Administrator cockpit, can you customize what information it goes and fetches / displays or is it strictly to generic fetches that come bundled with it?

Answer: So far the BI Admin Cockpit cannot be customized in terms of which measures / values are shown.

Question 19: Anything robust on broadcasting Lumira, Webi or Analysis report?

Answer: Web Intelligence and Analysis for Office already have stable scheduling and broadcasting solutions for quite some time. Lumira is offering scheduling functionality on the BI platform as well.

Question 20: When is Business Objects BI 4.2 SP4 scheduled to be released?

Answer: Release schedules can be reviewed on SAP Service Marketplace.

Question 21: If I have two BEx queries, can I link them in a Universe? Is linking them in a client tool (Lumira, WEBI, Excel) my only option?

Answer: Linking two BEx queries is possible in the client tools, such as Lumira, Web Intelligence and Analysis for Office. In case such a scenario is very common, you also should look at options such as BW Workspaces.

Question 22: In the recycle bin function, are there functions to monitor and manage the size since we are configuring by number of days?

Answer: So far (BI4.2 SP03) the functionality can only be limited by number of days.

Question 23: Can an upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 be done as a migration instead of an in-place? Reason, new servers, new OS 2012 instead of 2008.

Answer: Yes, you would then use the same approach as if you were to upgrade from a XI 3.1 system and create a new system and then move the content from System A to System B.

Question 24: If the master shared element is updated, does it automatically send the updates to other reports that leveraged that shared element?

Answer: Yes, the reports using the shared elements will get notifications about the updates.

Question 25: Can these parallel queries be controlled per connection or is it at the global server level?

Answer: Parallel queries and the option to limit the number of concurrent jobs is a configuration that has to be done on a connection level.

Question 26: What happens when you save a WEBI report based on the HANA online connection? Does it save the data or just the navigation state?

Answer: That is not something that depends on the Web Intelligence connection but is instead a feature of Web Intelligence. You can save a Web Intelligence report based on a Universe or a BEx Query or HANA (just to give some examples) with the data or you can purge the data and force people to refresh on open.

Question 27: Do we have variants concept introduced with 4.2 version for crystal reporting or other BO tools apart from AO, like what we have with BEx?

Answer: Web Intelligence was already offering a Variant concept as part of release 4.1 and Analysis for Office is providing a variant concept as well, for some time already.

Question 28: How does the Comments functionality work in Analysis for Office? Is it possible to comment single cells in a Table like in Webi?

Answer: Yes, Analysis for Office uses the commenting option from Excel, so commenting a single cell is possible.

Question 29: Parallel queries – Is there any scaling needed on BOBJ server to ensure resources are adequate?

Answer: Parallel Queries means that the same amount of work is done in less time, so the CPU is “more involved” than before and therefore you might have to review the CPU sizing of the system.

Question 30:  Thoughts on DS changes and when it is planned to be phased into Lumira (as per ASUG SAP road map)?

Answer: Design Studio and Lumira are still staying two separate products as clearly outlined in all the SAP road maps around Lumira and Design Studio 2.0.

Question 31: Webi comments: Can we comment on a BEx hierarchy node?

Answer: The comments are made on the Table, Table cell, or on a report – independent of the content of the table.

Question 32: Does Universe support BW Composite provider, ADSOs?

Answer: The Universe is based on the BEx Query.

Question 33: Question regarding Webi 4.2 commenting: What kind of privilege do users need to have, to add comments to report?

Answer: SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 does provide very granular security settings for the commenting functionality.

Question 34: How would Lumira Studio 2.0 impact the existing Landscape of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2, especially on dashboards?

Answer: Lumira Studio is the new name for Design Studio. In terms of impact, that depends on the number of users that are going to create and view dashboard and you will then have to size the system accordingly.

Question 35: Do we need to change the existing WebI reports to get the benefit of parallel queries?

Answer: Parallel queries is only supported so far with a limited set of data source types. The option will be enabled by default on a connection level, so on a report level there is no change needed.

Question 36: When using SAP HANA connection without Universe, if the view changes, would it be automatically applied to the reports or need any sort of refresh?

Answer: Like with other data sources, that depends on what has changed. If elements that are used in the report are removed from the underlying source, then there will have to be an adjustment made in the report.

Question 37: Does it support real time reporting? If yes, how is that handled without any impact on transactional database or application?

Answer: Yes, SAP BusinessObjects BI does support real-time reports in a variety of options.

Question 38: To enable Lumira application creation on BI Launchpad, should Lumira server be configured on BI Platform? Ours BIP is on Linux platform. Can we configure Lumira server on BIP on Linux?

Answer: Please check the supported platforms for the BIP Add-On for SAP Lumira on SAP Service Marketplace.

Question 39:  What is the Future for Dashboards? Since, Xcelsius is at sunset! What are the options we can give to our users from Dashboard stand point competing with Microsoft Power BI, since design studio and Lumira are not very user friendly?

Answer: SAP’s strategic direction for self-service and professionally authored dashboards are SAP Lumira and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Replay Ingo’s webinar and learn about the latest features and innovations that are part of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2.




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