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Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer

Sep 6, 2017


Editing and formatting charts in Lumira Designer is slightly different and simplified when compared to options available in Design Studio.

While chart properties can be edited in Design Studio using the chart Additional Properties tab, in Lumira Designer, everything related to the Chart Configuration is handled within the Chart Configuration property. Developers can select the Chart Configuration property and click on the button to bring up the “Configure Chart” window.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer
Chart Configuration Property in SAP Lumira Designer

This editor displays all available chart properties that can be modified. As each property is changed, the changes are reflected immediately in the Preview area.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer
The ‘Configure Chart’ Window

There are 2 tabs available in the Configure Chart editor – Charts and Properties. Let’s look at some of the options available in each of these tabs.

Configure Charts – Charts Tab

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer

The “Charts” tab in SAP Lumira Designer can be used to select or change the chart type, and to configure the measures and dimensions used in the axes and legends. There are also new chart types available in SAP Lumira Designer:

  • Box Plot
  • Funnel Charts
  • Network Charts
  • Marimekko Charts
  • Tag Cloud

Combination charts are not available as separate chart types but we will look at how to create them later on in this blog.

Configure Chart – Properties Tab

The “Properties” tab provides options for chart and plot area formatting. The area of the chart to be formatted can be selected from the dropdown. Note that dropdown properties change depending on the type of the chart selected.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer

Common chart properties such as backgrounds, borders, gridlines, tooltips, plot area selection (lasso), text fonts and colors can be changed by selecting the appropriate chart area from the dropdown.

Salient Points to Note

Changing Series Colors

In cases of charts with multiple measures, changing colors from the Bar/Column option is available which changes the color of all the series in the chart. Individual chart series colors can be changed by clicking on (selecting) the required series measure alone and then changing the color from the Properties tab.

We can also assign different colors to different members of the same series, such as in the screenshot below. To do this, select the required member bar/column and then deselect all the other members of the series that are not required (or double click on required member alone). Changing the color now from the Properties tab only changes the color of the selected member bar/column. This feature is useful in cases when different colors need to be assigned to different values belonging to the same measure.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer
Changing a particular value in a series in SAP Lumira Designer

In such a case, color assignments made to individual values are permanent and are retained by the measure/dimension even when they are removed from the chart and added once again, unless explicitly changed by the developer.

In addition to the above feature, one improvement that could be made in the tool is to pin colors to measures. That way, measures would retain the same color even if it they are reordered or removed or added back.

Legend Width

It is now possible to change the width of the Legend area quite easily just by selecting on the Legend area and modifying its properties.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer
Changing Legend Widths in SAP Lumira Designer

Pictograms as Markers

Another cool feature retained from Desktop Lumira is the ability to use Pictograms and shapes to represent data values in case of Column and Bar charts. To do this, just select Column (or Bar) from the dropdown menu and choose required shape/pictogram to represent the data in a fun and graphic manner.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer
Pictograms in SAP Lumira Designer

Different Chart Types for Different Series

Developers also have the ability to change the chart type for different measures. To do this, click on the settings button on the required measure within the Measures area. Chart type can be changed to Column, Line or Stacked. This way, we can turn simple charts into combination charts. We can also assign measures to Primary/Secondary axes using this option.

Chart Property Editor in SAP Lumira Designer
Changing Chart Type for Series in SAP Lumira Designer

Few other useful features in the tool could include option to provide axis scaling as part of chart properties, Hierarchical legends, data labels for certain chart types (Bullet chart, Funnel chart and Box plot) prefixes and suffixes for axis labels.

That concludes our quick review of Chart Configuration properties. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us  here.

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