The Context Menu for Charts in SAP Lumira Designer provides end users with enhanced runtime flexibility similar to what is available in BEx Web or Analysis for OLAP. These options take the user experience a few more steps closer to that of Self Service BI as it allows the user to derive enhanced insights during runtime.

Context menu options can be set up as a Technical Component within SAP Lumira Designer (see below).


Context Menu for Charts - 1

Context menu options vary for different chart types.

We can change the look and feel of the context menu by assigning CSS class in the context menu properties.

Context menus for charts are of 3 types –

Option 1: Menu options that appear after clicking the chart plot area.


Context Menu for Charts - 2

Some common menu options available in context menu:

  1. Show title: Displays the title of the chart as defined in the property sheet seen in configure chart dialog.
  2. Show legend: Displays the legend as defined in the property sheet seen in configure chart dialog.
  3. Show data labels: Displays data labels in the number format we’ve defined on the chart properties.
    Context Menu for Charts - 3
  4. Show Gridlines – Displays grid lines
  5. Set Axis Scale –  Clicking on this option allows the user to change the axis range during runtime. This dialog opens on clicking the option where user can enter a fixed values for the range or it can be set to auto.
    Context Menu for Charts - 4
  6. Set Conditional Formatting – This option opens the Conditional Formatting dialog where user can either create a new conditional formatting rule (temporary rule exempted once the browser is closed) or switch between the formatting rules created during design.
    Context Menu for Charts - 5
  7. Normal Stacking/100 % stacking – This option is seen in stacked charts. As the name suggests we can switch between the types of stacking.
  8. Horizontal / Vertical – This option is limited to few charts. It will rotate the chart based on the selection.

Option 2: Menu options that appear on clicking the measure series (value member).

This option is limited to few charts.
Context Menu for Charts - 6
Some of the options available are here:

    1. Change Chart Type for Series – This option allows the user to change the chart type for selected measure series during runtime.
      Context Menu for Charts - 7After changing the series form column to line.
      Context Menu for Charts - 8

      The chart types seen under the “Change chart Type for series” can differ for different primary charts.

    2. Assign Measure to Axis – By selecting the Secondary Axis option it assigns the selected measure to a secondary axisContext Menu for Charts - 9Now if Set axis scale option is selected, the corresponding dialog gives option to set scale range for both primary and secondary axis.

      Context Menu for Charts - 10


Option 3: Menu options that appear on clicking the measure series

Option 3 was available in SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP4 for info charts. Option 1 and 2 were introduced only in SAP Lumira Designer and were not available in the previous versions of SAP Design Studio

Context Menu for Charts - 11

Basic functionalities such as sorting, filtering and changing the display type are seen in this context menu.

The developer can define their own context menu texts and the scripts that go into that menu option (See below). Customizable context menu isn’t available for charts, but only in crosstab component.

Context Menu for Charts - 12

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