In our earlier blog, we reviewed the step-by-step instructions to migrate your SAP Design Studio applications to SAP Lumira Designer. In this column, we shall review some considerations that you may want to keep in mind while doing the migration.

SAP Design Studio to SAP Lumira Designer – Some Migration Considerations

Content Version: Once the older version of Design studio is migrated to new Lumira Designer 2.0, the application content version would be 2000 (refer image). Due to this change in the content version, the new SAP Lumira Designer application would not be backward compatible.

SAP Lumira Designer - Conversion Tips & Tricks - Part 2 - 1
Global Variables: Global variables in SAP Lumira Designer are available in a separate folder in the outline pane as opposed to the properties tab of the application. In the newer versions, SAP Lumira Designer also supports additional variable types such as arrays (refer image below).

The global variables earlier defined in SAP Design Studio continue to retain their type, URL Parameter property and default values seamlessly after migration. Post migration, developers will be able to lookup references by right clicking the variable, thus easily getting rid of unused variables and also provide descriptions for better readability.

SAP Lumira Designer - Conversion Tips & Tricks - Part 2 - 2

Additional variable types in SAP Lumira Designer


Additional Themes: SAP Lumira Designer supports both Blue Crystal and High Contrast black themes from SAPUI5 m mode of Design studio. SAP Lumira Designer does not support SAPUI5 mode and hence the Platinum and Mobile themes are obsolete.

SAP Lumira Designer - Conversion Tips & Tricks - Part 2 - 3

Change in CSS Classes: In Lumira Designer, CSS classes for some components have been modified to optimize CSS usage. If you have created custom themes for SAP Design Studio applications, you may need to address the CSS classes in your custom theme to make it compatible with the SAP Lumira Designer document.


Bookmarks: Scripts for Bookmarking in SAP Design Studio have now been deprecated in SAP Lumira Designer. Bookmark is now available as a technical component with enhanced scripting functionalities.

SAP Lumira Designer - Conversion Tips & Tricks - Part 2 - 4

The new bookmark technical component allows developers to specify the components that need to be bookmarked and define scripts to execute during on-load event of these bookmarks.

SAP Lumira Designer - Conversion Tips & Tricks - Part 2 - 5

Due to change in application genuine ID, bookmarks created in SAP Design Studio 1.x will not be available in SAP Lumira Designer unless they are recreated as a technical component.


Personalization & Exports: Personalization scripts and Exports have also been deprecated and are now available as Personalization Technical Component and Exporting technical component. We also have a new API available to get the personalized state as a bookmark.


Conditional Formatting: SAP Lumira Designer continues to support exceptions defined at the query level in UI components like crosstab and spreadsheet. However, there is a new technical component in SAP Lumira 2.0 for Conditional formatting where preset and dynamic rules can be defined and assigned to multiple components. Where BEX exceptions and conditional formatting component coexist, configurations made in the technical component take precedence.


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