Often while creating dashboards using SAP Lumira Designer, you may have requirements where you need to navigate to / drill down to another dashboard. While this is possible, sometimes users prefer to open the second dashboard in the same browser tab, instead of opening a new tab or a window for this purpose.

Let us see how we can accomplish this.

Prerequisite: You will need the HTML Box component from Visual BI Extensions (VBX).


  1. Create a test dashboard that you want to launch initially
    SAP Lumira Designer - 1
  2. Add a panel component and insert VBX Utility – HTML box in it
    SAP Lumira Designer - 2
  3. Copy the below HTML code and paste in HTML component –<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><iframe src=”Target Application Document Link” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”  width=”100%” height=”100%”></iframe></body></html>

  5. Replace the “Target Application Document Link” with the second dashboard document link and hide the panel.

  7. Add the button which will help navigate to another dashboard. The action event of button must hide everything related to current dashboard and enable Panel which contains HTML box by setting “visible=true” statement.

  9. Synchronize the “TEST” document in BI Platform Execute the dashboard. (URL is not displayed)
    SAP Lumira Designer - 3
  10. Click on the button and you will see another dashboard opening in the same window/tab instead of a new one
    SAP Lumira Designer - 4

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