This blog on SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP1 (2.1.1) is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery Series of blogs.

SAP recently released SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP1 (2.1.1). Since this release is a SP increment, it mainly focuses more on bug fixes than enhancements. Focus is mainly on the stability of existing features and improved support to SAP BW (live and import) connectivity.

These are the detailed items that would be fixed in the SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP1,

  1. Lumira document in SAP BI client for iPad not displaying scroll bar or scroll function getting deactivated
  2. Lumira Discovery color palette closing after every click
  3. Selecting date from calendar in the BW prompt of Lumira document refresh failing with “Unparsable date error” in Internet Explorer 11.
  4. Switching between stories crashing the application with an error saying: “An error caused the program to stop working correctly. Discovery will close the document”
  5. Customize Measure Palette -threshold not being valid
  6. Charts not being able to Sort on a Date / Time Dimension by Month
  7. Changing chart type to Numeric Point having no effect in Lumira Discovery
  8. In Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP0 when duplicating a page any value selected filters not getting copied to the new page
  9. When file saved for migration loads into Lumira Discovery, not being able to edit nor save/save as once loaded
  10. LUMX documents on Universe (based on HANA) failing
  11. Lumira Discovery crashing when adding a measure/dimension via the desktop client tool and the BI Launchpad
  12. Lumira drill down function not getting applied to all visualizations when opened via the BI Launchpad
  13. Selecting a date on the prompt window from the BI Launchpad when refreshing a Lumira document resulting in the error: Unparseable date: “xxxx-xx-xx”
  14. Manually inputting Date value in Lumira Discovery not returning correct result
  15. SAP Lumira Desktop Y axis percentage value format

Reference: 2581712

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