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In an organization, around 90% of the users would be information consumers and 10% would consist of information creators (includes super/power users, IT folks and developers). Collaboration plays a key role in sharing the storyboards and dashboards with the end users. In case of SAP Lumira Discovery, we would primarily leverage the SAP BI Platform for this purpose.

SAP Lumira Discovery documents (.lumx) can be saved in two modes, local and SAP BI Platform.
Collaboration and Sharing with SAP Lumira Discovery - 1

1. Local Mode

When the documents are saved in the local, we would be able to find them under My Document > SAP Lumira Documents. Discovery would be able to compress the data, visualizations and storyboard into a single lumx document. This document can later be distributed from a shared folder or using email. But is this the best way ?

When collaborating on a small scale, this methodology is acceptable. But when using it at as enterprise level solution, we would need to use a platform for taking care of data governance and automation.

2. SAP BI Platform Mode

The BI platform is part of the SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ/BO) suite where we would be able to access your WEBI reports, Design Studio (Designer) applications, etc. When logged in to the BI platform, you would be able to see the same folder structure here as well.
Collaboration and Sharing with SAP Lumira Discovery - 2
Other benefits of using the BI platform includes,

  • Data governance with a single version of truth
  • Multiple authentication options including SSO
  • Role based security by leveraging folder structure in BOBJ
  • Scheduling options to keep data up to date
  • Export options and generating OpenDoc URL link

An easy way to access the BI platform would be to save the URL under Preferences,
Collaboration and Sharing with SAP Lumira Discovery - 3
The same folder structure can be accessed from a web browser through the platform,
Collaboration and Sharing with SAP Lumira Discovery - 4
You would be able to view, bookmark or edit the document based on your roles assigned.
Collaboration and Sharing with SAP Lumira Discovery - 5
This information is based on the current product and roadmap and is bound to change.

Interested to learn how to leverage SAP Lumira for your enterprise (or) train your business users in SAP Lumira Discovery? Reach out to us today.

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