This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

So far, we reviewed how SAP Lumira Discovery connects to various types of data sources: SAP sources, Non-SAP sources and sources such as Salesforce. In this blog, let’s review how SAP Lumira Discovery can connect to flat files such as Microsoft Excel and comma separated files.

SAP Lumira Discovery handles flat files well and can manipulate multiple sheets at the same time for analysis. Let us review some of the file connect options available:

SAP Lumira Discovery - Acquiring Data from Flat Files (MS Excel, .csv) - 1

1. Microsoft Excel

When selecting Microsoft Excel as the source, SAP Lumira Discovery opens the File Explorer from where you can select the appropriate Excel workbook (.xlsx, .xls, .xlsm).

Once you select a file, you would see a preview of the data with some additional options.

Acquire Data from Flat Files (Excel, csv) in Lumira Discovery - 1

From this screen, you have options to perform additional operations such as:

  • Add additional files (by adding the ‘Add File’ icon on the right)
  • Select a specific worksheet
  • Append data in all worksheets (if they are in the same format)
  • Ignore specific columns for upload
  • Select a custom range for import


2. Copy from Clipboard

SAP Lumira Discovery allows users to copy data from a website, pdf document or a spreadsheet table and use the same in the visualization as a static data source. To do this, you need to use the ‘Copy from Clipboard’ option. The user is first prompted with options on how the data must be interpreted from the clipboard, with a preview of the data and options to parse the data.

Acquire Data from Flat Files (Excel, csv) in Lumira Discovery - 2

3. Text Files

In this case, you can acquire options from text files of varying formats (e.g. .csv, .txt, .log). The options would be slightly different compared to the ones shown for Excel data source.

Acquire Data from Flat Files (Excel, csv) in Lumira Discovery - 3

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