This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

This blog summarizes connectivity options available in SAP Lumira Discovery that were discussed in depth in the following blogs:

SAP Lumira Discovery facilitates quick access to data sources from its home page. From here, you could leverage either the data source list, recently used list or perform a quick search to select an appropriate data source.

Data Connectivity Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

A user would initially require details such as System, Authentication Type, Server, Port, Instance, Username, and Password to set up connectivity. As a general note, except for flat files, SAP Lumira Discovery maintains row level security as defined in the underlying data source.

We can classify the data connectivity into 4 groups depending upon the technology/tool stack:

1. Excel, CSV, Text, Copy from Clipboard

These mainly include data sources which are structured as rows and columns. They can be placed in local desktop, but the folder structure needs to be maintained for data refresh.

For more details on flat file connectivity, visit our blog here.

2. SAP Data sources

Data sources that belong to the SAP technology stack have the best compatibility with SAP Lumira Discovery. Of these, the first three options in the list below have the best connectivity and feature support like SSO capability and save without data.

  • SAP BW (Live and Import)
  • SAP HANA (Live and Import)
  • SAP Universe (Import)
  • Others: SAP ERP, Business One, HANA Vora

For more details on connectivity to SAP data sources, visit our blog here

3. Non-SAP Data Sources

This option provides connectivity to all 3rd party data sources which include databases, cloud applications and big data. No Live connectivity is available here and data is imported in all the cases.

  • 3rd party SQL
  • Salesforce and OData
  • Big Data

For more details on connecting to Salesforce & OData, visit our blog here. For other non-SAP data sources, visit our blog here.

4. Data Source Extensions

There are scenarios in which a unique data source is required and the required driver may not be found in SAP Lumira Discovery. The workaround for that would be to use the SDK component to establish this connection if it has an open API/JDBC connector.

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