SAP has updated the SAP Lumira roadmap as of May 2018, and in the process has also cleared its position on the future for SAP Lumira, Discovery and Designer editions as tools in its portfolio. We at Visual BI Solutions want to dig into the updated roadmap to explain this stance, and to look at the newer features that we can expect as part of upcoming versions.

The Portfolio as it stands now…

In the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap, SAP gives us a very clear picture about its tools of preference. While SAP Analytics Cloud takes a lot of prominence among the tools in question, you can clearly see (highlighted) that SAP Lumira – especially the Designer edition – is still the Flagship tool for customers looking to build Analytical Applications and Enterprise-level Dashboards based on their on-premise investments, particularly so if the customer is using SAP BW, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP HANA or BO Universes as their data sources.

A closer look at the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap


As part of this updated SAP Lumira roadmap, even though SAP Lumira Discovery edition has not been explicitly listed, you can see a footnote in the highlighted section that mentions that SAP Lumira Discovery is still a viable tool for Self-Service BI if customers are not considering options on the cloud.

A closer look at the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap


This is a clear indication that both SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery are options that existing customers can continue to leverage for their visualization, dashboarding and analytical application needs.

SAP’s further investments in the SAP Lumira space

A lot of customers have also got the impression that SAP will be ceasing investments in SAP Lumira going forward. Thanks to the updated roadmap, this is another such area that SAP has thrown more light on.

A closer look at the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap


Shown above is SAP’s own plans of investment in the SAP Lumira space, which clearly indicates continued investments. There are two points of interest here:

  • A lot of investment towards SAP Lumira will go towards bettering it as a tool that serves as a viable replacement for legacy SAP BI tools such as Web Application Designer and SAP Business Explorer. As it stands, SAP Lumira Designer is the logical replacement and the path forward for customers looking at migrating their investments in SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius. (Watch out for more along these lines on our website!)
  • SAP Lumira Discovery is NOT being abandoned – rather, SAP will be focusing more on bringing in all the features that was a part of SAP Lumira 1.31 to SAP Lumira, Discovery edition. This would merely mean that customers will be getting stable releases of SAP Lumira Discovery with added features going forward.

A closer look at the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap


There is, however, a slight change in product direction for SAP Lumira Discovery. While SAP Lumira Discovery has been the primary tool for Agile Visualization on the SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio all this time, going forward SAP Analytics Cloud will play a big role in this space. SAP’s recommendation is that customers looking at Data Discovery solutions on the cloud alone should consider SAP Analytics Cloud as their primary option. Customers looking for Agile Visualization and Storyboarding on-premise can consider SAP Lumira Discovery as a viable option – especially since it pairs up well with their flagship product for Analytical Applications, SAP Lumira Designer.

And don’t forget! SAP Lumira Designer can also be used for Self-Service, depending on your requirements!

What to look forward to from SAP Lumira…

As mentioned earlier in this blog, SAP plans to bring a number of different features to SAP Lumira in the near future. Items with the highest priority are features that allow for collaboration – commentary and scheduling. There will also be enhancements that allow for better performance on applications.

A closer look at the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap


SAP has also updated the roadmap for SAP Lumira Designer to showcase the intended direction and vision.

A closer look at the updated SAP Lumira Roadmap


Here’s what customers can really look forward to in the Product Direction:

  • SAP is looking at enhancing the tool to include additional Self-Service capabilities, that will probably allow the deployment of highly versatile Analytical Applications that exhibit a lot of flexibility for end users.
  • Data sharing capabilities (at least support for Data Models) between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira Discovery could allow customers to translate even Data Discovery done on the cloud to seamless on-premise based Analytical Applications. The reverse is also a possibility, considering that there is planned support for SAP Lumira Discovery data sets in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Application Design could be simplified (indicated as “productivity enhancements”), probably simplifying a lot more on SAP Lumira Designer for end users.
  • Further investments to simplify deployment and operations of the product could indicate enhancements to the browser-based version of SAP Lumira – customers could probably be looking at even Data Preparation on the browser (similar to what’s already available on SAP Analytics Cloud).

A lot of new features and enhancements could make their way to SAP Lumira going forward. What is certain is that SAP will actively be making investments to the tool, therefore not abandoning it. It will be interesting to wait and watch the progress made in this space!

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