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In SAP Lumira Discovery, we can create custom color palettes and use it to color the data points of the charts. The color palettes can be created specifically either for measures or for dimension split of data.

Creating a color palette

You can find the color palettes option under charts in the preference menu or you can use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+P’ to open preference menu.

While in visualizations, however, you can only modify the color palettes for the particular visualization you are in.

Custom Color Palette in SAP Lumira Discovery

As seen above, color palettes can be used for dimensions and measures separately. A set of color palettes are available by default for both Dimensions and Measures.

Custom Color Palette in SAP Lumira Discovery

You will find an option at the bottom of dropdown as “Create Dimension Palette” which opens a popup window as shown below that is used to create a custom color palette.

Custom Color Palette in SAP Lumira Discovery

A palette can be created with maximum of 12 colors. Select a color on the board or enter RGB value of a color or even add the color as hex code. You can also reverse the order of the colors to apply in the palette using the icon next to your palette and remove the palette with the next icon as highlighted in the above picture.

We can name the color palette as needed and click on Create button, a new color palette will be created in the dropdown. Same process is followed to create a measure palette as shown below.

Custom Color Palette in SAP Lumira Discovery

Well, in a measure color palette you can have a maximum of 9 colors. There is an option available to auto generate the gradient of selected color or a palette with 9 different colors.

Using color palette in charts

Let us see how a custom color palette is used on charts with an example. If the count of colors in the palette and the count of dimension members are different in a chart, then we can select the color palette from the properties of the respective chart.

Custom Color Palette in SAP Lumira Discovery

For Instance, In the above scenario, I have selected a color palette with four colors for the dimensions, and below is the output obtained.

Custom Color Palette in SAP Lumira Discovery

As you can notice, count of dimensions is greater than the count of colors in palette. So, the colors are being repeated in the same order as the order of colors in the respective color palette.

This information is based on the current product and roadmap and is bound to change.

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