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Export options are very important for any BI Tool. It helps us download visualizations and data for offline access, share them with other people and helps us transfer the data to other platforms. In SAP Lumira Discovery, we can export stories and data to commonly used file types such as PDF and excel. In addition, we can export stories as a LUMX files and publish the data directly to SAP HANA. Let’s explore these various export options in detail.

Exporting Stories as PDF

Stories can be exported as PDF files from the Design View or Preview in SAP Lumira Discovery. To export a complete story as a PDF document we can use the export icon in the toolbar. This option is available in both preview mode and design mode.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

Upon selecting the export icon, a new window pops up. Here we can restrict the number of pages that need to be exported. It also has an option to display the filters in the PDF document. This lists all the filters used in the story in the appendix of the generated PDF.

From SAP Lumira 2.1, we have an option to include crosstabs in the PDF. This will be useful when the crosstab is not fully visible since the exported PDF is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

In the below example the crosstab on the top right has scrollbar and is not fully visible. If we select the option to show crosstabs when exporting as PDF, the crosstab is included in the Appendix.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

Exporting Data as XLSX/CSV

We can export objects used in a particular chart or table by using the option ‘Export Records’. This can be done in the Design View or Preview tabs in both Discovery as well as on the Launchpad. To do this, right click on the required chart or table and select ‘Export Records’.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

This opens a popup where we have all the objects used in the chart or table preselected. In case if we need to include or exclude any object, change the export type from ‘Aggregated’ to ‘Detailed’. This will allow us to include any number of objects (the maximum records should not exceed 100k). CSV and XLSX formats for data export can be selected in the dropdown.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

To export all the records in a dataset, click on the Export as File icon in the Data View tab.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

Exporting as LUMX File

Apart from the file types PDF and excel, we can also export the Lumira document as a LUMX file. For this we can use the option ‘Import to Folder’. This will allow us to select a local folder and the Lumira document can be downloaded as a LUMX file to that folder. This comes in handy when we the story is created locally, and we want to open the file in SAP Lumira Designer.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

Also, if the LUMX file is saved in the folder ‘SAP Lumira Documents’ under ‘My Documents’, it gets listed in SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery under local documents.

Publishing to SAP HANA

SAP Lumira Discovery gives us options to create new measure and calculations. When we create a new calculation in a Lumira Discovery story, we may often need to reuse them in other stories. In this case we can export the manipulated data back to HANA and publish it to an existing or a new HANA view. To do this, head over to the File option and select Publish to SAP HANA

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery

This opens a new window where we can select the required HANA view and publish our data changes. We also have options to create a new view or package within this window.

Export Options in SAP Lumira Discovery


All the export options available in Lumira Discovery are useful and easy to use. Options like exporting a LUMX file or publishing our manipulated data back to SAP HANA help us in sharing insights. Whether it is exporting data to create backups or sharing our stories with other people, these export options sure come in handy.

This information is based on the current product and roadmap and is bound to change.

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