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Migrating from SAP Lumira 1.31 to SAP Lumira Discovery 2.2 : How, Why, Pros and Cons

Sep 5, 2018


This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

The latest release, SAP Lumira Discovery 2.2 incorporates a lot of updates from an UI and functionality perspective. SAP will also be stopping main stream support for SAP Lumira 1.x on the BIP from August 2018. As a result, the old Lumira documents (.lums) need to be migrated over to the newer document format (.lumx). You can find the feature differences here.

The following are points to consider before you proceed with the migration:

  • Lumira 2.2 does not support rendering Lumira 1.31 stories in compatibility mode
  • Make a note of the folder where Lumira 1.31 documents are stored
  • Conversion is only enabled from Lumira 1.31 Patch 8 onwards
  • Existing data access and visualization extensions will continue to work
  • Migration is only at the Desktop level
  • Files needs to be published to BI Platform from Discovery
  • Existing Bookmarks are not supported on conversion
  • Revaluate a rebuild based on new features available

SAP recommends the following migration strategy based on KBA 2522622,

Migrating from SAP Lumira 1.31 to SAP Lumira Discovery 2.2 : How, Why, Pros and Cons

The detailed workflow for the migration is outlined below:

  • Upgrade your Lumira 1.x desktop to Lumira 1.31 Patch 8 or above
  • Open the Documents which you would like to convert in Lumira 1.31 Desktop Patch 8
  • Save this Document with “Save for Migration/Conversion” flag enabled
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you want to save the Document
  • This Document will now be listed in Lumira Discovery and converted on Open
  • Save this converted document on Lumira Discovery and Publish to BI Platform

Other expected adjustments after conversion of documents are the following:

  • Few 1.x features may not be supported in the newer versions or they may not be editable
  • Some features work differently when opened in Discovery (filters and input controls)
  • SAP HANA online based documents cannot be converted to 2.2 (JDBC vs INA)
  • Refresh of .unv universes is not supported
  • Certain properties are different in visualizations and complete canvas experience is redesigned
  • Further details are available in KBA 2509882

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