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According to Wikipedia, pictorial representations of statistics or data created in a meaningful visual format on a chart are known as Pictograms. They are a powerful means of representing complex data in a visual format, it allows conveying the content effectively, in a manner that is eye-catchy and helps in collating huge amount of information in a chart to the target audience.

Shapes and pictograms can add visual flair to your story and they can be inserted in two ways:

  1. Out of the box:
    A rich gallery of pictograms has been provided as a part of the product. Add pictograms to axis/data labels and change the shape of the bar and column charts from the list available.
  1. Custom:<
    You can also add custom pictograms or shapes. To use custom Pictograms or Shapes, you need to upload by selecting the + icon and select Add from Local.

The file must be an SVG file with valid XML encoding (Limitation: Transparency is not supported)

Pictograms in SAP Lumira Discovery
Pictograms in SAP Lumira Discovery

You can use pictograms to represent certain visualization elements like columns, bars, data point markers, data labels, and axes. These display options are available on the DESIGN PROPERTIES -> Choose Graphic when you select the element or group of elements on a chart.

You can use the same pictogram for each member or select individual members to customize the appearance of each one.

Pictograms in SAP Lumira Discovery

The graphic can then be formatted using the Board Settings panel

Pictograms in SAP Lumira Discovery

Below displays a customized bar chart and a Line chart using pictograms from the pictogram gallery:

Pictograms in SAP Lumira Discovery
  • Changing the line color or line width of custom shapes and pictograms is not supported, whereas fill color can be customized.
  • The size of the element may change when the data on the page is refreshed.
  • If you open a story with a custom shape or pictogram added by a different SAP Lumira user, the custom graphic is displayed as normal. However, it does not appear in your Content Panel.

This information is based on the current product and roadmap, and is bound to change.

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