One of the most useful features on a dashboard is the ability to export an application as a PDF. SAP Lumira Designer can cater to this requirement using an in-built ‘Export to PDF’ feature.

The export to PDF feature is available as a Technical Component which has to be configured at design time.

SAP Lumira Designer: Export to PDF

Unlike the earlier SAP Design Studio 1.6, the capability to alter the export settings during runtime is not available anymore. Therefore, users will now have to set all export to PDF settings like orientation, paper size, header, footer, page number, date, appendix and metadata at design time itself. To compensate for this, SAP Lumira Designer offers extensive scripting options to format the export functionality using APIs which are as follows:

SAP Lumira Designer: Export to PDF

You can export SAP Lumira Designer Application to PDF in 3 different ways:

  1. Export as Report
  2. Export View
  3. Export Panel View

Export as Report

You could use this option if you’re looking to export the dashboard in a report format. The components to be exported in report format would have to be specified during the design time. Each of the selected components gets exported out as an individual page just like a report, provided there is data being displayed.

API for Export to PDF in a Report format: EXPORT_PDF.exportReport();

SAP Lumira Designer: Export to PDF

SAP Lumira Designer – Defining components to be exported
SAP Lumira Designer: Export to PDF

Export View (WYSIWYG)

The output of the export view is like a screenshot of the dashboard currently being viewed. Please note that in case of applications consisting of multiple tabs or pages, only the current page/tab being viewed will be exported.

API for Export View: EXPORT_PDF.exportView();

SAP Lumira Designer: Export to PDF

Export Panel View

Using this option you can export individual panels or an array of panels to PDF provided the panels contains the visualization.

API for Export Panel View:  EXPORT_PDF.exportPanelView([PANEL_2, PANEL_3]);

SAP Lumira Designer: Export to PDF

SAP Lumira Designer provides robust export to PDF options but is limited in certain use cases. For example, it only allows you to export the visible part of the dashboard and not the other tabs or pages. For options to cover such gaps please refer – Advanced Export to PDF options for SAP Lumira Designer

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