This blog is the continuation of my previous blog post about SAP Lumira Server on HANA. In this blog we will explore the post install configurations and role assignments for SAP Lumira Server on HANA.

For a step by step instruction on SAP Lumira server installation, please read my previous blog about installation.

To make use of the Lumira server installed on top of HANA, we need to perform the following tasks.

  • Create a dedicated HANA account for SAP Lumira and assign BI Technical user role for Lumira user.
  • Configure the SQLCC connection for SAP Lumira server.
  • Assign Analyst/Consumer role for users.

To perform post install configurations, the user performing these tasks should have the following roles in HANA server.

  • USER ADMIN – To create Lumira technical user
  • ROLE ADMIN – To assign roles to other users.
  • sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::SQLCCAdministrator – To configure SQLCC connection for tech user.
  • sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::RuntimeConfAdministrator – To edit configurations in HANA XS admin console.
  • Execute privilege on _SYS_REPO schema to grant roles through stored procedures.

Step 1
Create a user account for Lumira and assign Lumira technical user role for that user. The following set of SQL statements can do the job.
create user LUMIRA password Init123 maximum_password_lifetime 3650;

These statements will create a user account with name LUMIRA with initial password of Init123 and password life time of 10 years. Lumira tech user role is assigned to the account by the stored procedure “GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE”. Please reset the initial password before using the Lumira account.

Step 2

Now login to HANA XS admin console and select “XS Applications” menu. The HANA XS admin console is hosted as Web application in HANA XS engine and the URL to access the console will have the following format.


Once the XS Applications menu is selected, it will list all the packages available in the repository.

SAP Lumira Server on HANA – Part 2

Step 3

Select the “RepoConnection.xssqlcc” file located under the package “sap -> bi -> launchpad -> logic -> v2”.

SAP Lumira Server on HANA – Part 2

Step 4

Now enter the Lumira technical user name in “user” field of the “SQL Connection” section. The technical user name is case sensitive and please use BLOCK letters to avoid issues. Once the user name is entered, click “Save” button to complete connection configuration.

SAP Lumira Server on HANA – Part 2

If the SQL connection is not configured/misconfigured, the following error will be thrown by Lumira during publishing stories/datasets to Lumira server.

“Error – The dataset could not be published to SAP Lumira Server because publishing to the SAP HANA layer failed. Reason is (HDB 11009)”

The SQL connection is configured and so the post install configurations are completed. However client tool configuration and role assignments has to be done for users to make use of Lumira server.

Client Tool Configuration

Launch Lumira client tool and select “File -> Preferences -> Network” and enter the hana server BI Launchpad URL in the “SAP Lumira Server” field. The URL format is https://<hostname/ip_address>:80<instance>/sap/bi/launchpad.

SAP Lumira Server on HANA – Part 2

The client tool is configured and now we can publish Lumira objects to HANA repository.

Role Assignments
Data Analyst Role

Data Analyst role should be granted to the person who will develop Visualizations and publish it to the server. This role will include rights to publish objects to server, consume data and access launchpad.
SQL syntax to grant the Analyst role

Data Consumer Role

Data Consumer role should be granted to person who will just view the Lumira visualizations published in the server. The user with this role can access launchpad and view Lumira stories published in the server.

SQL syntax to grant the Analyst role


Please avoid assigning both roles to same user. Analyst role includes consumer rights, so he does not need Consumer role and providing Analyst role to Consumer will elevate his privileges. The data level restrictions are still controlled by the “Analytical Privileges” configured in the HANA server.

Now the Lumira server is configured and ready for use. That’s it!.. We have installed and configured Lumira server on HANA. Please keep following our blogs for more information on Lumira.

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