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According to Wikipedia, Dashboard is an easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) and historical trends of an organization’s or computer appliances’ key performance indicators to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance. Storyboards, on the other hand, has many dashboards across pages.

We use the concept of storyboarding in SAP Lumira Discovery more often compared to dashboards or reports. Until the 1.31 version of SAP Lumira, we had a separate room called Compose to build storyboards. This had certain limitations like inability to duplicate pages and update changes in charts from the Visualize room.

The new storyboard has a single canvas on which we can drag and drop the charts, texts and pictures.

Storyboarding in SAP Lumira Discovery

The bottom of the storyboard contains the page navigation options on the left, and different orientation options which include grid view, fit to length or width, etc.

When trying to navigate or make changes at the page level, we have the following options.

Storyboarding in SAP Lumira Discovery

Settings is an important option to set the pixel size of the storyboard based on the device and mode of consumption by the audience.

On the right of the canvas, we have Design options to change Title and Images,

Storyboarding in SAP Lumira Discovery

Similarly, we have options to change background and individual chart properties. More details can be found under Chart Editor.

Storyboarding in SAP Lumira Discovery

NOTE : The preview mode will help in viewing the storyboard in the presentation mode

This information is based on the current product and roadmap, and is bound to change.

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