This blog explains the steps necessary to create and schedule a publication for dynamic recipients on SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise for a WebIntelligence Report. With this feature, the users want to keep track of certain KPIs for their areas of supervision. We have used the scheduling feature of BOBJ platform called Publication to meet this requirement.

The publication provides the feature to distribute reports to individuals or group of people as per their need. The business information can be sent to the email or BI Inbox. The information can be personalized according to the user’s requirements and can be sent at a scheduled time.

Dynamic Recipients

To send the reports to a dynamic group of recipients, a web intelligence report will be used as the source of recipients. We developed a HANA model on the below table which lists all the recipients, their roles, email ids and areas of supervision. USER_IDENTIFIER field is the concatenation of Email Id and roles (USER_GROUP). This field is used as a unique identifier to get personalized information for the users.

A web intelligence report is built on this calculation view which will be used as the source of ‘Dynamic Recipients’.

Source Document

In this section, the web intelligence report is selected which consists of information that needs to be emailed to the users.

In the calculation view which is used for the source report, we have made a join with the Distribution list table and KPIs model so that we get data at the user level filtered for those areas which fall under their supervision. (This step is not necessary if the user roles have been set up on the BOBJ side. We are using the USER_ IDENTIFIER field as a unique identifier for the data distribution so we need to get data at the USER_ IDENTIFIER level in the KPI model).

The web intelligence report is built on this calculation view to show the visualizations which business users would like to see. This will help them to monitor the KPIs in their respective areas.


In this tab, the unique identifier field is selected in both the web intelligence reports – Dynamic recipient and source web intelligence report. This will filter the data in the source document to send only relevant and personalized information to the recipients.


In this tab, the configurations are made such as the destination (as in where we want to send the report such as BI Inbox, Email, etc.) message subject, body, and file name, etc.


Enter a value for the prompts for the source web intelligence report.

With this feature, you can send personalized information in the required format to the intended recipients at specific intervals of time and deliver targeted business information to groups or individuals through a portal.

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