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I recently set out to explore in-depth on the extent to which Web Intelligence (WeBI) elements are compatible with SAP Mobile BI. I used Web Intelligence BI 4.0 SP5 and SAP Mobile BI version 4.4.18 Build 11 for this study, and reviewed the results on iPad 2.

For those who are new to Mobile BI, you can publish Web Intelligence documents on to your SAP Mobile BI app by setting the category of the document to ‘Mobile’ in the BI Launchpad.

Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
WebI on SAP Mobile BI

Now on to a brief summary of my observations on the elements and attributes that are supported:

1. Report Element Tab

Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
Report Element Tab
  • Vertical table, horizontal table, and cross table are supported;
    • However Form is NOT supported.
  • Blank and predefined cells are supported if configured. (Follow https://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-21184 to configure blank cells)
  • Sections and embedded sections are supported.
  • Basic charts such as Bar, Stacked Bar, Column, Stacked Column, Line, Pie, Bubble and Waterfall chart are supported. Combined column and line is supported if the region type is explicitly mentioned as Bar / Lines.
    • However not all properties are supported for the above charts. I’ve covered this in the downloadable report in detail.
    • Following charts are NOT supported: 100% stacked bar, 100% stacked column, Box Plot, Column Chart with Dual Values, Combined column and line chart with dual axes, 3D Column, Line chart with dual axis, Area chart, Tree map, Heat map, Pie with variable slice depth, Donut chart, Scatter chart, Polar scatter plot, Polar Bubble chart, Radar Chart and Tag Cloud chart.
  • Hyperlinks and element links are supported.
  • Break, header, footer, hide, hide when empty, hide when <formula> are supported.
  • Page Break, repeat, position align and order are NOT supported.

2. Format Tab

Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
Format Tab
  • Font color, cell color are supported.
    • Font type, size, bold, italics, underlined, and strike-through are not supported.
  • Left, right, center alignment and wrap text are supported.
    • Align middle, Align top and Align bottom are not supported.
  • Custom and standard formats are supported.
  • Border type (full border only for blank cells) is supported. However, border color is NOT supported.
  • For a cell, clear contents, clear conditional formatting, clear formats and clear all is supported.
    • Changes to the width and height of the cells are NOT supported.
  • For the report format, format painter, report name, table footer, table header, hide when empty, hide when formula is true, and clear formatting are supported.
    • Orientation, margins, color, pattern, spacing and padding, horizontal and vertical relative position are NOT supported.

3. Data Access Tab

Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
Data Access Tab
  • Simple filter, report filter and query filter (prompts, values from list, constant <and operation, or operation>, sub query), database ranking, report ranking, combined query, new variable are supported.

4. Analysis Tab

Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
Analysis Tab
  • Input controls such as combo box, radio button, entry field, list box, multiple values check boxes, and multiple values list box are supported.
Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
Webi on Mobile BI – Input Controls

Note that all types of input controls are arranged in a pop up list that could be accessed on demand.

  • Data tracking is supported for insertions, deletions, measures (increased values), and measures (decreased values).
  • Breaks and sections are supported and can also be used in combination.
  • All kinds of sorting like ascending, descending, priority and custom sort are supported.
  • Some types of conditional formatting are supported. Additional information is available in the downloadable report.
  • Drilling to lower levels of hierarchy is supported along with snapshot.
  • Functions like sum, count, average, min, max and percentage are supported.
  • Outline for the report page is NOT supported.

5. Page Setup tab

Publishing Web Intelligence on SAP Mobile BI
Page Setup Tab
  • Report duplication, deletion and rename are supported.
  • Landscape, portrait and page size are NOT supported.

We would soon be following up with compatibility reports for other SAP BI tools.

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