SAP BW/4HANA cockpit is a Web-based interface used for administration of a BW/4HANA system. The main aim of launching an SAP Fiori app is to use SAP on the go with minimal user interaction. The app is built mainly for frequently used functions. The app helps us to perform standard SAP transaction in our mobile, view information about business objects and to measure the performance.

Furnished below, are the steps to install and configure the app in your phone/tablet.

Step 1: Install the SAP FIORI app from the play store or from the App Store if you are an IOS user.


Step 2: On opening the app that installed you will see the below screen. Click on Login button.


Step 3: On click on the login button, the app will take you to screen where you can enter either the URL or scan the barcode or enter your work mail id to configure your SAP BW4/HANA system to the app.


Step 4: After the system is connected with the app it will ask for a security passcode, you can either have a characteristic enabled passcode or if your phone or tablet is fingerprint enabled you can enable fingerprint as the passcode.


Step 5: After the passcode is set the app will directly take you to the Login screen where you need to enter the logon credentials.


Step 7: After the credentials are verified it will directly take you to the home screen.

The key difference between a web portal and mobile app are you will not have the ability to view the metadata repository and transport-related operations. The data tiering maintenance and viewing and maintaining the linear store data connections property is also disabled in the mobile app.

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