SAP BW/4 HANA cockpit is a Web-based interface used for administration of a BW/4HANA system. In older versions of BW, Hierarchy is created using the tcode ‘RSH1’. In BW/4HANA, the hierarchy can be created using the web cockpit. In this blog, we are going to see in detail about InfoObject hierarchy creation and maintenance.

The options available for the hierarchy in the cockpit are:

We need to first select the hierarchy InfoObject for which we are creating and maintaining the hierarchy manually.



We should specify the name for the hierarchy and its description while creating the same.


Click ok, Now the options for creating is available that is similar as in tcode RSH1. We choose the characteristic nodes or text nodes for creating the hierarchy. If we made a mistake, then delete nodes will help us delete that node.


The characteristic node as a neighbour creates nodes in the same level while the characteristic node as a child creates a node as a child for the existing node. The number of times we use this depends on the hierarchy tree and it helps to create a perfect hierarchy manually.


The insert keys are used to insert the actual values of the InfoObject at the level as required in the hierarchy.


In this example, we have the material that is the lowest level for a brand. So, it is inserted at last and the output is as follows:


Once the hierarchy is created, we can check and then activate the same. This will change it from the modified version to the active version. Here we can check for the header data to display the technical information of the hierarchy.


Maintain Levels shows the available levels of the hierarchy and its description.

Maintain Master data is used to maintain the InfoObject manually.


This is used to display the existing selected hierarchy for the specified InfoObject. It does not allow us to perform any editing for the same.


It helps to edit the available hierarchy with the latest changes if needed.


A copy is like create but you do not have to create every node. It will be copied from the hierarchy that we have mentioned as to copy from.


After the copy, it is available in the list of hierarchies for the InfoObject.


It helps to delete the hierarchy if not needed.


It Is to activate the hierarchy if it’s in the modified version. Similarly, we have many other apps grouped together in BW/4HANA Cockpit to perform specific operations in BW/4HANA system.

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